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Компании на букву «C»

C2C Systems


What This Company Does in Security:

The C2C Access Security Manager provides security controls over Exchange environments.

Security Products and Services:

Access Security Manager



Recent Acquisitions CA acquired Eurekify in November, 2008.
Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for CA
LinkedIn profile for CA

What This Company Does in Security:

CA, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the design, development, marketing, licensing, and support of information technology (IT) management software products that operate on a range of hardware platforms and operating systems. The company has a portfolio of software products and services that address its customers’ needs for mainframe and distributed environments, spanning IT governance, IT management, and IT security. It focuses on various areas that include infrastructure management, project and portfolio management, security management, service management, application performance management, and data center automation and virtualization. CA, Inc. offers Enterprise IT Management (EITM) software for organizations to manage IT in computing environments, which include people, information, processes, systems, networks, and applications, as well as databases from a Web service to the mainframe to a virtualized cloud, regardless of the hardware or software customers they are using. The company licenses its products principally to IT service providers, financial services companies, governmental agencies, retailers, manufacturers, educational institutions, and healthcare institutions worldwide through direct sales force, as well as indirectly through systems integrators, managed service providers, technology partners, EITM value-added resellers, original equipment manufacturers, and distribution and volume partners. Source: Crunchbase CA

Security Products and Services:

CA Identity Lifecycle Management

Mainframe security

CA Enterprise Log Manager

CA Orchestria DLP



What This Company Does in Security:

Calyptix develops UTM solutions primarily aimed at the SME market.

Security Products and Services:

AccessEnforcer (AE500, AE1000, AE2000, and AE3000)




What This Company Does in Security:

Catbird provides systems for securing virtual environments. Competitors in this space include Reflex, Altor, Hytrust, Symantec, Trend Micro, Tripwire, and VMWare.

Security Products and Services:

Catbird vSecurity

Catbird vCompliance

Catbird Anti-Pharming Suite



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Celestix

What This Company Does in Security:

Celestix develops Windows-based firewall, VPN, multi-factor authentication, and patch management products.

Security Products and Services:

Celestix HOTPin Two Factor Authentication System

Celestix MSA Security Gateway

Celestix WSA SSL VPN

Celestix CLB Load Balancing Solution

Celestix WSX Web Security Appliance

Celestix BMC Patch Manager Appliance



What This Company Does in Security:

Cellcrypt Limited provides mobile voice calling solutions. It offers encrypted mobile content protocol, an Internet protocol based technology that optimizes delivery of encrypted data between mobile devices over wireless networks. The company also provides voice encryption solutions for PBXs that offer voice security to landlines in corporate offices, as well as provides PBX solutions to teams operating in remote locations. The company’s technology operates over data-enabled networks, including 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, and satellite. Its products are used by governments, enterprises, and senior-level executives in the United Kingdom and internationally. The company’s products are also used in military, maritime, and disaster recovery, as well as oil, gas, and mining industries. Cellcrypt Limited was founded in 2005 and is based in London, the United Kingdom with additional offices in Reston, Virginia; Palo Alto, California; and Miami, Florida, as well as in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Source: Crunchbase Cellcrypt

Security Products and Services:

Cellcrypt Mobile

Centennial Software


Recent Acquisitions Centennial Software was acquired by Frontrange in April, 2008.
Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Centennial Software

What This Company Does in Security:

Centennial Software offers asset discover and security management products.

Security Products and Services:

Centennial Discovery

Centennial License Manager

Centennial DeviceWall

Centennial Enterprise Suite

Centennial SAM Suite



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Centrify

What This Company Does in Security:

Centrify Corporation provides Microsoft Active Directory-based auditing, access control, and identity management solutions for securing cross-platform systems, Web applications, databases, and enterprise applications. It offers Centrify DirectControl, an authentication and access control solution that controls who log into which system and application, enforces security policies, and consolidates user accounts, as well as supports the Mac OS(R) X 10.6 Snow Leopard, including 32-bit and 64-bit support. The company also offers Centrify DirectAuthorize, a role-based privilege management solution for UNIX and Linux environments that controls how and when users access UNIX and Linux systems and enforces what they do without sharing privileged passwords. In addition, it provides Centrify DirectAudit, an auditing solution for user activity on UNIX and Linux systems that audits what users do on UNIX and Linux systems, reports on user sessions, and monitors suspicious activities. The company’s solutions are used for information technology compliance and auditing, UNIX and Linux identity management, information technology security and access control, Mac operating system desktop management, and Web and enterprise application single sign-on applications. Centrify Corporation was founded in 2004 and is based in Mountain View, California. It has additional offices in the United States, as well as in Reading, the United Kingdom. Source: Crunchbase Centrify

Security Products and Services:

Centrify DirectControl

Centrify DirectAuthorize

Centrify DirectAudit



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Cenzic

What This Company Does in Security:

Cenzic is a trusted provider of software, managed service, and cloud security products that help organizations secure their websites against hacker attacks. Cenzic focuses on Web Application Security, automating the process of identifying security defects at the Web application level where more than 75% of attacks occur. Cenzic is unique in the industry as its products are built on a non-signature-based technology (the scan engine contains an embedded browser) that finds more “real” vulnerabilities for improved risk management and compliance for regulations such as PCI. Cenzic solutions secure websites of numerous Fortune 1000 companies including major security companies, leading government agencies and universities, and hundreds of SMB companies.

Security Products and Services:

ClickToSecure Cloud

The Cenzic ClickToSecure Managed

Cenzic Hailstorm Enterprise ARC

Cenzic Hailstorm Professional



What This Company Does in Security:

Certgate is a German provider of mobile security and voice encryption products.

Security Products and Services:

Certgate Voice Encryptor

Certgate Smartphone Protector

Certgate Mobile Smartcard Suite



Recent Acquisitions Certicom was acquired by RIM in March 2009
Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Certicom
LinkedIn profile for Certicom

What This Company Does in Security:

Certicom provides encryption and PKI related products for a variety of applications.

Security Products and Services:

Asset Management System

Hardware IP Cores

AMI & ZigBee Smart Energy

Certicom Security for Gaming

Crypto Providers

Security Protocols

RFID & 2D Barcode

Suite B Power Bundles

Professional Services

Check Point Software Technologies Inc.

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, provides customers with uncompromised protection against all types of threats, reduces security complexity and lowers total cost of ownership. Check Point first pioneered the industry with FireWall-1 and its patented stateful inspection technology. Today, Check Point continues to develop new innovations based on the Software Blade Architecture, providing customers with flexible and simple solutions that can be fully customized to meet the exact security needs of any organization. Check Point is the only vendor to go beyond technology and define security as a business process. Check Point 3D Security uniquely combines policy, people and enforcement for greater protection of information assets and helps organizations implement a blueprint for security that aligns with business needs. Customers include tens of thousands of organizations of all sizes, including all Fortune and Global 100 companies. Check Point's award-winning ZoneAlarm solutions protect millions of consumers from hackers, spyware and identity theft.



What This Company Does in Security:

Checkpoint develops security gateways, firewalls, VPNs, security management systems, and endpoint security software.

Security Products and Services:

Power-1 Appliance

VSX Appliance

IPS-1 Appliance

Smart-1 Appliance

Safe Office Appliance

Connectra Appliance

UTM-1 Appliance

Security Gateway Software Blades

CheckPoint Endpoint Security

Checkpoint Full Disk Encryption

Checkpoint Media Encrytion



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Cigital

What This Company Does in Security:

Cigital offers software security and quality services.

Security Products and Services:

Static Code Review

Application Penetration Testing

Architectural Risk Analysis

Vulnerability Remediation




What This Company Does in Security:

Cimcor sells system integrity tools.

Security Products and Services:



Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Ciphent
LinkedIn profile for Ciphent

What This Company Does in Security:

Ciphent is a security consulting business that offers penetration testing as well as security services centered around policy and compliance issues. Ciphent was acquired by Accuvant in September 2010.

Security Products and Services:

Ciphent Strategic Security Review

Software & Application Security

Emergency Response

Security Product Consulting

Host Based Security Services



What This Company Does in Security:

CipherOptics, Inc. provides data security and network encryption, and compliance grade data protection solutions to security enterprises, financial institutions, health care, and government agencies. The company offers CipherEngine, which delivers network-wide encryption to customers by providing an approach to security policy and encryption key management; CipherView, which is a security gateway management application that provides security administrators with a device management tool; SoftRemoteLT, which offers features to remote access users connecting to the corporate VPN; and CipherEngine Enforcement Point family of encryptors that are encryption appliances designed for the carrier Ethernet and MPLS markets. The company also offers MPLS security, metro Ethernet security, disaster recovery and data replication security, and network application security services. The company has strategic partnerships with EMC Corporation, IBM, Intel, and Raza Microelectronics, Inc. CipherOptics, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Source: Crunchbase CipherOptics

Security Products and Services:

Ethernet Encryptors

IP Encryptors

Policy & Key Management

CipherEngine Policy and Key Manager




Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Cisco
LinkedIn profile for Cisco

What This Company Does in Security:

Cisco develops network security solutions including firewalls, VPN, IPS, NAC, and SIEM solutions.

Security Products and Services:

Cisco IronPort DLP

Cisco IronPort Anti-Spam

Cisco IronPort Web Reputation

Cisco IronPort S-Series

Cisco Secure ACS

Cisco ASA

Cisco ACE Web Application Firewall

Cisco IPS

Cisco Network Admission Control

Cisco MARS

Cisco Security Manager



What This Company Does in Security:

Citrix offers remote access, security gateway, and VPN solutions.

Security Products and Services:




Access Gateway




What This Company Does in Security:

Clavister offers firewalls, VPNs, and security gateway products.

Security Products and Services:

Clavister SSP

Security Gateways

Secure Access Gateway

Clavister InControl

ClearNet Security

What This Company Does in Security:

ClearNet Security offers security consulting services.

Security Products and Services:

Security consulting

Clearpoint Metrics


What This Company Does in Security:

ClearPoint Metrics, Inc. offers software solutions to measure, monitor, communicate, and manage measurements. It offers The Security Performance Manager, which provides a purpose-built framework for monitoring, managing, and communicating information technology security initiatives; Identity and Access Management that provides visibility and insight into the impact of the investments; and Threat and Virus Management, which enables to analyze and improve organizations initiatives to detect, protect, defend, and sustain the information system environment. The company also provides Vulnerability and Patch Management, which analyzes the effectiveness of initiatives; Compliance Management that provides an integrated view of organization's overall compliance posture; and Metrics Management Platform, an integrated software and best practices content solution. It has a strategic partnership with Hitachi. ClearPoint Metrics, Inc. was formerly known as Sequation. The company was incorporated in 1999 and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Source: Crunchbase ClearPoint Metrics

Security Products and Services:

Security Performance Manager

Identity and Access Management

Threat and Virus Management

Vulnerability and Patch Management

Compliance Management

Metrics Management Platform

Data Access Technology



Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Clearswift
LinkedIn profile for Clearswift

What This Company Does in Security:

Clearswift produces an email appliance and a web gateway. Competitors include Cisco Ironport, Barracuda, Webroot, Websense, and M86.

Security Products and Services:

Clearswift Email Appliance

Clearswift Web Appliance

Clearswift CONTENTsafe




Clone Systems

What This Company Does in Security:

Clone Systems offers managed security and pen testing services.

Security Products and Services:

Managed Security Services

Penetration Testing

Cloud Approach

What This Company Does in Security:

Cloud Approach provides services related to the delivery of cloud computing and virtualization strategy, security, and implementation services and toolsets.

Security Products and Services:

Cloud security and consulting services



What This Company Does in Security:

Cloudmark provides comprehensive messaging security solutions that protect subscribers and messaging infrastructure from spam, phishing, viruses and other harmful content. Founded by pioneers in messaging anti-abuse, Cloudmark's solutions were architected from the ground up to stop current and emerging threat vectors with high efficiency and scalability. Source: Crunchbase Cloudmark

Security Products and Services:

Cloudmark Authority

Cloudmark Gateway

Cloudmark ActiveFilter for Mail Stores

Cloudmark Data Services

Cloudmark Subscriber Solutions

Cloudmark Desktop

Cloudmark Server Edition

Cloudmark MobileAuthority



What This Company Does in Security:

CloudPassage is a security SaaS company offering the industry’s first and only server security and compliance product purpose-built for elastic cloud environments. The company addresses the technical challenges of securing highly dynamic cloud hosting environments where consistent physical location, network control and perimeter security are not guaranteed. The company’s early product feature set includes server vulnerability and compliance management, and centralized management of host-based firewalls. The technology operates across infrastructure models and seamlessly handles cloud server bursting, cloning, and migration.


Security Products and Services:


Halo SVM addresses server vulnerability management needs with the scalability, speed and elasticity needed for cloud server environments. Built on the innovative Halo architecture, the Halo SVM product is unique in delivering completely accurate server exposure assessment with little impact to customers’ server resources. Halo SVM functions quickly and efficiently – thousands of server configuration points are assessed in seconds – enabling customers to maintain continuous exposure and compliance intelligence, even in rapidly growing cloud server farms.

The Halo Firewall product controls server attack surfaces by centralizing and automating host-based firewall management, the preferred alternative to traditional enterprise perimeter firewalls. The product provides customers with unified cloud-wide firewall policy management from a graphical web front-end, eliminating the untenable operational overhead and likely errors associated with manual host-based firewall management. The Halo Firewall product automatically updates individual host-based firewall configurations whenever cloud servers are added or removed – including server cloning or cloudbursting operations – with zero intervention by system administrators.



What This Company Does in Security:

CloudShield develops network security solutions for large internet service providers and governments.

Security Products and Services:

DNS Defender

Subscriber Services Manager (SSM)

CMS Products

What This Company Does in Security:

CMS offers encrypted back-up and data storage solutions.

Security Products and Services:

BounceBack Ultimate Hard Drive Backup

ABS Secure

CE Secure Vault Edition Pro

Vault OTG


Vault OTG Secure Encrypted Flash Drive

USB External Desktop Backup and Recovery Drive

ABSplus FireWire

Velocity Series Backup Systems

ABS Secure

Code Green Networks


Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Code Green Networks

What This Company Does in Security:

Code Green Networks, Inc. provides data loss prevention and content security solutions for enterprises. It offers TrueDLP, a solution that provides enterprises with content monitoring and data loss protection from insider threats and accidental misuse. The company’s products include Content Inspection Appliances, which enable organizations to monitor and control sensitive data transmitted in various network applications; and CI Agent that provides content aware data inspection, policy enforcement, and device control services, as well as delivers data loss protection for data in use on endpoint devices, such as laptops, desktops, and servers. It also offers policy-based email encryption, enabling automatic encryption of messages with sensitive data or sent to business partners; and content discovery services to locate and identify sensitive data on endpoints and servers in the network, providing visibility and audit reporting of unsecured information. In addition, the company provides centralized incident management, workflow, and remediation solutions. Its solutions enable organizations to inspect content flows across multiple protocols; detect unauthorized disclosures; enforce user-defined policies; monitor, inspect, and block WebMail and Web 2.0 transactions; encrypt email according to corporate policies; avoid costly compliance incidents; and protect their reputation. The company serves customers in the financial services, manufacturing, education, technology, government, biotechnology, and healthcare fields. Source: Crunchbase Code Green Networks

Security Products and Services:

Code Green Networks TrueDLP Solution

Codenomicon Defensics


What This Company Does in Security:

Codemonicon is a Finnish company that develops black box network security testing tools. Competitors include WhiteHat, Cenzic, and Mu Dynamics.

Security Products and Services:



COMDOM Software


What This Company Does in Security:

COMDOM develops anti-spam solutions.

Security Products and Services:

COMDOM Anti-Spam

Commerce Media


What This Company Does in Security:

Commerce Media is a UK-based provider of two factor authentication products.

Security Products and Services:

Celo 2FA

Celo Connect

Celo Remote

Celo Web

Celo DR


What This Company Does in Security:

Commissum provides security consulting and analysis services.

Security Products and Services:

Security consulting



Other Useful Links LinkedIn Profile for Commtouch

What This Company Does in Security:

Commtouch provides proven messaging and Web security technology to more than 130 security companies and service providers including 3Com, Check Point, F-Secure, and Openwave, among others. . Commtouch’s patented Recurrent Pattern Detection™ (RPD™) and GlobalView™ technologies are founded on a unique cloud-based approach, and work together in a comprehensive feedback loop to protect effectively in all languages and formats. Commtouch technology automatically analyzes billions of Internet transactions in real-time in its global data centers to identify new threats as they are initiated, protecting email infrastructures and enabling safe, compliant browsing. Commtouch was founded in 1991, is headquartered in Netanya, Israel, with a subsidiary in Sunnyvale, Calif. Source: Crunchbase Commtouch

Security Products and Services:

Commtouch Anti-Spam

Commtouch Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Protection

Commtouch GlobalView Mail Reputation Service

Commtouch GlobalView URL Filtering

Commtouch GlobalView Zombie Intelligence Service

CommVault Systems

Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for CommVault Systems
LinkedIn profile for CommVault Systems

What This Company Does in Security:

CommVault develops the Simpana data back-up and management system.

Security Products and Services:

Simpana software



Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Comodo
LinkedIn profile for Comodo

What This Company Does in Security:

  • Comodo is an internet security company providing consumers with a variety of free and paid firewall, antivirus, system cleaner, backup, and PC support products and services. Their primary free product is Comodo Internet Security, a security suite combining firewall and antivirus software. Comodo is also a leading SSL certificate provider, which they offer freely for 90 days. Source: Crunchbase Comodo

Security Products and Services:

  • Desktop Software
  • Digital Certificates
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Endpoint Security
  • TrustFax

Compliance 360


What This Company Does in Security:

Compliance 360 is a SaaS GRC offering.

Security Products and Services:

Compliance 360

Compliance Spectrum


What This Company Does in Security:

Compliance Spectrum develops software for compliance management.

Security Products and Services:


Spectra for PCI

Spectra for NERC


CompuTel оказывает полный комплекс услуг по консалтингу и аудиту, проектированию, развертыванию, модернизации и сервисному обслуживанию комплексных информационных систем.

CompuTel оказывает полный комплекс услуг по созданию и развитию инфраструктуры заказчика:

  • аудит информационной инфраструктуры;
  • проектирование;
  • реализацию проекта (внедрение);
  • техническую поддержку 24х7 и гарантийное обслуживание;
  • оптимизацию и развитие существующих систем;
  • обучение специалистов заказчика.

Computer Mail Services


What This Company Does in Security:

Computer Mail Services (CMS) develops messaging security and anti-spam products.

Security Products and Services:



Praetor Managed eMail


Praetor Software

Advertising with CMS

Content Keeper

What This Company Does in Security:

ContentKeeper is an Australian company that provides web filters for limiting user access to blocked websites.

Security Products and Services:

ContentKeeper Web Security Gateway (CK-WSG)

ContentKeeper Web (CK-Web)

ContentKeeper Express (CK-Express)

ContentKeeper Professional (CK-Pro)

ContentKeeper Mail (CK-Mail)

ContentKeeper Advanced Reporting Module (CK-ARM)

ContentKeeper Monitor (CK-Monitor)

ContentKeeper Secure Socket Layer Inspector (CK-SSLi)

ContentKeeper Anti-Virus (CK-AV)

ContentKeeper Remote (CK-Remote)



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for ControlGuard

What This Company Does in Security:

ControlGuard is a start-up with a DLP solution aimed at securing mobile devices such as USB sticks.

Security Products and Services:

Central Security Suite

Device Control

Data Loss Prevention

Rights Management for office

Email Protection

Risk and Compliance Manager

Core Security Technologies

Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Core Security Technologies

What This Company Does in Security:

Core Technologies develops Core Impact, an automated penetration testing software solution used to assess the security of web applications, network systems, endpoint systems, email users and wireless networks. The Core Impact product competes with Immunity Canvas and Saint Exploit.

Security Products and Services:



CORE Security Consulting Services



Recent Acquisitions CoreStreet was acquired by ActivIDentity in December, 2009.
Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Corestreet

What This Company Does in Security:

CoreStreet, Ltd. designs credential validation solutions for government and enterprise applications. It offers infrastructure products, which include CoreStreet Validation Authority, a software solution that enables validation of digital certificates using OCSP; Path Builder System, which is used by government and industry to reduce costs; and Tactical Validation Authority that enables certificate validation for low bandwidth and in-theater deployments. The company also provides application products, including Desktop Validation Client, a plug-in for validation of digital signatures in various forms of communications; Server Validation Extension, which provides certificate validation for Web and application servers; Responder Appliance 2400, a security appliance that enables local public key infrastructure validation in various environments; and CoreStreet Path Builder SSL Gateway that secures Web server access through certificate validation and path discovery. In addition, it offers physical access control solutions, which include PIVMAN System that consists of server software and handheld devices used to check government issued smart cards, ePassports, or drivers’ licenses in locations where network connectivity is unavailable or difficult to obtain; FIPS 201 Access Control Solutions for physical access applications; and Card-Connected Access Control solutions, such as CoreStreet-enabled locks, readers, and head-ends. CoreStreet, Ltd. was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Source: Crunchbase CoreStreet

Security Products and Services:

Public Key Infrastructure

Secure Identification Checking to PIVMAN System

Physical Access Control



What This Company Does in Security:

CoreTrace develops client based application whitelisting solutions. Competing whitelisting products include offerings from Bit9, Lumension, SignaCert, and McAfee Application Control.

Security Products and Services:



What This Company Does in Security:

Corsaire provides security consulting.

Security Products and Services:

Penetration testing

Security assessments



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for CoSoSys Ltd

What This Company Does in Security:

CoSoSys is the vendor of the most innovative and effective network endpoint security solutions and applications for portable storage devices. The application portfolio includes functions from password security, data synchronization and network security. In its 5 year presence on the IT market, CoSoSys has made it its mission to protect computer networks from data leakage and all other threats posed in today’s business environment by portable storage devices. Founded in 2004 with a strong business focus on data lost prevention, CoSoSys currently has offices in Romania, the United States and Germany, distributing its products globally through world's leading hardware manufacturers, software Distributors, Resellers and directly to users at and enjoys a continuously growing installation base of users worldwide. The company’s leading endpoint security solution for small, medium and large companies, Endpoint Protector, is a best-of-breed DLP (Data Loss Prevention) technology, combined with the flexibility of a web management console that reduces TCO and significantly lowers implementation time and data leakage risk. It allows companies to proactively control what employees use which devices, while tracking everything transferred in or out of the protected network, thus proactively handling both inside and outside threats. In June 2009, CoSoSys has launched My Endpoint Protector (MyEPP), the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application to deliver Data Loss Prevention and device control “in the cloud”. MyEPP is designed to help companies manage the internal and external security threats created by the broad availability and use of portable data storage devices without overtaxing stretched IT resources. To find out more about CoSoSys’endpoint security solutions and applications for lifestyle devices, visit Source: Crunchbase CoSoSys

Security Products and Services:

Secure it Easy

Carry it Easy

My Endpoint Protector - SaaS Device Management

Endpoint Protector


Easy SlideShow

Surf it Easy



What This Company Does in Security:

Courion provides user provisioning and associated password management systems.

Security Products and Services:





Enterprise Single Sign-On

Solutions for SharePoint



What This Company Does in Security:

Coverity, the leader in software integrity, is the trusted standard for companies that have a zero tolerance policy for software failures, problems, and security breaches. Coverity’s award-winning portfolio of software integrity products enables customers to prevent software problems throughout the application lifecycle. Over 100,000 developers and 600 companies including ARM, Phillips, RIM, Rockwell Collins, Samsung and UBS rely on Coverity to help them ensure the delivery of superior software. Coverity is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in 6 countries and more than 150 employees. Source: Crunchbase Coverity

Security Products and Services:

Coverity Static Analysis

Coverity Dynamic Analysis

Coverity Architectural Analysis

Coverity Build Analysis

Covetrix IT Consulting Group

Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Covetrix IT Consulting Group

What This Company Does in Security:

Covertrix provides consulting, pen testing, and managed security services.

Security Products and Services:

External Penetration Testing

Managed Security Service

Covetrix Webwatch



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Coviant

What This Company Does in Security:

Coviant develops a managed file transfer solution called Diplomat.

Security Products and Services:

Diplomat Transaction Manager



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Credant

What This Company Does in Security:

Credant offers centrally managed encryption software as an alternative to full disc encryption.

Security Products and Services:

CMG Enterprise Edition

CMG for External Media

CMG For Handhelds

CMG Standalone Edition

CREDANT Protector

CREDANT Compliance Reporter

CREDANT Mobile Guardian

Critical Watch

Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Critical Watch
LinkedIn profile for Critical Watch

What This Company Does in Security:

Critical Watch develops vulnerability management tools.

Security Products and Services:

FusionVM Enterprise

FusionVM SaaS

FusionVM PCI


FusionVM Consultant



What This Company Does in Security:

Crossbeam offers a hardware platform that can consolidate numerous security devices.

Security Products and Services:

Crossbeam Next Generation Security Platform

SecureShore NMS

X Series

C Series

Crosscheck Networks


What This Company Does in Security:

Provides products for deploying web services. Crosscheck Networks testing products provide features that can be utilized by all IT personnel throughout the service deployment lifecycle. Crosscheck Networks provides an end-point simulation framework to allow developers and testers to parallelize efforts and compress project timelines by eliminating resource contention and project dependencies. Source: Crunchbase Crosscheck Networks

Security Products and Services:

SOAPSonar Enterprise

SOAPSimulator Enterprise

Forum Sentry SOA Gateway


Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Crossroads

What This Company Does in Security:

Crossroads develops database security products and back-up security and encryption systems.

Security Products and Services:


Fibre Channel (FC) Storage Bridges and Storage Routers

FileMigrator Agent

ReadVerify Appliance (RVA)



SPHiNX for Power Systems

Tape Environment Services


Cryptek Technology


What This Company Does in Security:

Cryptek develops products for managing remote vendor access.

Security Products and Services:

ION Secure Remote Access

Netgard MFD Identity Card Access Solution

Emanation Security & TEMPEST Products

Secure Fax Products



What This Company Does in Security:

CRYPTOCard develops managed authentication services and cryptographic tokens for two-factor authentication.

Security Products and Services:


BlackShield ID

CRYPTO-Shield for Mac and Linux


Cryptography Research


What This Company Does in Security:

Cryptography Research develops cryptographic solutions for semiconductor security technologies.

Security Products and Services:

DPA Countermeasures

Pay TV Security


Security Evaluation and Design



Recent Acquisitions Cryptzone acquired AppGate in December, 2009.
Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Cryptzone
LinkedIn profile for Cryptzone

What This Company Does in Security:

Cryptzone AB offers content encryption and security solutions. It offers data leak prevention solutions that secure data at rest and in transit. The company provides a solution for encrypting files, folders, email communications, hard disks, USB memory sticks, and portable storage devices. Cryptzone offers products, such as ePrivacy Suite Enterprise, which provides centralized management of content security for the entire organization; ePrivacy Suite, which can secure email communication, as well as files and folders; the Secured eMail solution, which provides end-to-end email encryption; Secured eFile, which enables organizations, teams, and information workers to share files and folders with individuals and groups; and Secured eUSB, a software solution that converts and upgrades standard USB flash drives to encrypted and secured USB flash drives. The company provides solutions for the small/medium businesses, home users, enterprises, and the healthcare industry. It serves customers in the areas of technology and consultants; public service and government; legal, trademarks, and patents; financial; consumer electronics; and construction and manufacturing. The company, formerly known as Secured eMail AB, was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden with additional offices in Gothenburg, Sweden, New York, the United States, and Germany. Source: Crunchbase Cryptzone

Security Products and Services:

Secured eUSB

Secured eDisk Protect

Secured eFile

Secured eCollaboration

Secured eGuard

Secured eMail

Secured eControl

CSIS Security Group

Other Useful Links LinkedIn Profile for CSIS Security Group

What This Company Does in Security:

CSIS Security Group is a Danish company offering penetration testing and network security consulting services.

Security Products and Services:

CSIS Security Group

The Digital Guardian

TDG Anti-phishing


TDG Online Scan

TDG Mail Firewall

Cura Software Solutions


What This Company Does in Security:

Cura is a provider of GRC solutions.

Security Products and Services:

Cura Enterprise

Cura Surveys

Cura BridgeWorks

Cura Quants

Cyber Security Technologies


What This Company Does in Security:

Cyber Security Technologies develops forensics software.

Security Products and Services:

Mac Marshal

OnLine DFS (Digital Forensic Suite)

P2P Marshal

CyberAngel Security Systems


What This Company Does in Security:

CyberAngel provides two-factor authentication for computer access as well as disc encryption. It also has a service for locating lost or stolen laptops.

Security Products and Services:

CyberAngel Authentication

CyberAngel Secure Drive

Real Time Security with WiTrac



What This Company Does in Security:

Cyberark offers a privileged password management appliance as well as a solution for exchanging sensitive information with external entities. Competitors in the privileged password management space include BeyondTrust, e-DMZ, and Cloakware.

Security Products and Services:

Privileged Identity Management Suite

Governed File Transfer Suite

Highly Sensitive Information Management (HSIM) Suite


Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for CyberDefender

What This Company Does in Security:

Cyberdefender offers an anti-virus and anti-malware solution that is based on client-to-client communication of new threats.

Security Products and Services:

Antivirus / Antispyware & Registry Cleaner Software

CyberDefender Live Help Desk

Identity Protection Services

MyIdentityDefender Toolbar


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What This Company Does in Security:

Cyberklix is a Canadian managed security services provider. They also offer security consulting services.

Security Products and Services:

Managed Security Services

Consulting and Penetration Testing

GRC Services



What This Company Does in Security:

Cyberoam offers UTM, VPN, and other network security appliances.

Security Products and Services:

Cyberoam UTM CR Series

Cyberoam UTM CCC Series

Cyberoam Endpoint Data Protection

Cyberoam Central Console

Cyberoam iView

Cyberoam VPN



What This Company Does in Security:

CyberPatrol offers parental filtering software for blocking access to specific content.

Security Products and Services:

Parental Control Software

CyberPatrol SiteSURV Web Filtering



What This Company Does in Security:

Cymphonix offers a web filtering and traffic shaping appliance.

Security Products and Services:

iPhone App

Network Revealer

Network Composer DC10

Network Composer DC20

Network Composer DC30

Network Composer DC30X(S)

Network Composer DC40X(S)

Network Composer DC50X(S)

Network Composer DC60X(S)


What This Company Does in Security:

Cyveillance offers information security intelligence services and security consulting.

Security Products and Services:

Cyveillance Anti-Phishing

Cyveillance Protected Seal

Cyveillance Fraud Protection

Cyveillance Information Protection

Cyveillance Corporate Compliance

Cyveillance Intelligence Center