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Компании на букву «E»



What This Company Does in Security:

e-DMZ offers privileged password management products. Competitors in this space include Cyberark and Beyondtrust (formerly Symark).

Security Products and Services:

TPAM Suite (Total Privilege Access Management)

Password Auto Repostitory




What This Company Does in Security:

e-Fense offers the Helix line of forensics products. These include products for booting of a USB drive and acquiring data.

Security Products and Services:

Helix3 Enterprise

Live Response

Helix3 Pro


EarthLink, Inc. (NASDAQ: ELNK) is a leading IT services, network and communications provider to more than 150,000 businesses and over one million consumers nationwide. EarthLink empowers customers with managed IT services including cloud computing, data centers, virtualization, security, applications and support services, in addition to nationwide data and voice IP services. The company operates an extensive network including 28,000 route fiber miles, 90 metro fiber rings and 4 secure data centers providing ubiquitous IP coverage across more than 90 percent of the country. Founded in 1994, the company's award-winning reputation for both outstanding service and product innovation is supported by an experienced team of professionals focused on best-in-class customer care.



What This Company Does in Security:

Earthwave is an Australian managed security services provider.

Security Products and Services:

Managed Security Services



What This Company Does in Security:

ESCS is UK-based security consulting company.

Security Products and Services:

Consulting Services

eEye Digital Security


What This Company Does in Security:

eEye Digital Security offers vulnerability management software. It has a vulnerability assessment tool called Retina. The Blink IPS product is available in both a onsite and web edition. eEye also offers a personal anti-virus solution. eEye's anti-virus solution is based on Norman technology.

Security Products and Services:

Iris Network Traffic Analyzer

Retina Appliance

Blink Appliance


Based on the C.A.F.E. management principle, our solutions protect and manage the endpoints within your corporate network with great effectiveness and efficiency, providing all-round protection against the unauthorized release of information or the upload of malware such as viruses and Trojans.

The intelligent management concept also saves you money, since it ensures that the clients are organized properly and consume resources efficiently. Our solutions address many of the unsolved problems of network management.

Egress Software Technologies

What This Company Does in Security:

Egress offers managed file transfer solutions for both digital and physical file exchange. The solution requires a client on both the sender and recipient's side.

Security Products and Services:

Egress Switch

eIQ Networks


What This Company Does in Security:

eIQ Networks offers SIEM solutions. Competitors in this space include ArcSight, netForensics, and netIQ (now part of Attachmate).

Security Products and Services:

SecureVue Technology

SecureVue - Compliance Automation

SecureVue - Configuration Audit

PCIVue - Turnkey PCI DSS Compliance

NERCVue - Turnkey NERC CIP Compliance

HIPAAVue - Turnkey HIPAA Compliance

SecureVue - Forensic Investigations

Enterprise Security Analyzer

Forensics and Reporting for Cisco MARS

SIEM and Log Management



What This Company Does in Security:

ElcomSoft is a Russian company that develops password recovery tools for a wide range of products.

Security Products and Services:

ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle

Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor

ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery

Advanced Archive Password Recovery

Advanced Office Password Recovery

Advanced Office Password Breaker

Advanced PDF Password Recovery

Advanced SQL Password Recovery

Advanced WordPerfect Office Password Recovery

Advanced Lotus Password Recovery

Advanced Intuit Password Recovery

Advanced ACT Password Recovery

Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery

Advanced IM Password Recovery

Advanced Access Password Recovery

Advanced IE Password Recovery

Advanced Outlook Password Recovery

Advanced Outlook Express Password Recovery

Advanced VBA Password Recovery

Lightning Hash Cracker

Elcomsoft Wireless Security

ElcomSoft System Recovery

Proactive Password Auditor

Proactive System Password Recovery

Advanced EFS Data Recov


What This Company Does in Security:

Emagined provides information security consulting services.

Security Products and Services:


Peneteration tests

EMC Corporation


What This Company Does in Security:

EMC offers security, compliance and content management systems (RSA products are listed under RSA, The Security Division of EMC).

Security Products and Services:

Documentum IRM

Documentum Compliance Manager

Documentum Content Server

Documentum Records Manager

Endgame Systems


What This Company Does in Security:

Endgame Systems provides security services to the US national security community and offers the Iptrust IP reputation service.

Security Products and Services:




What This Company Does in Security:

Endian offers UTM firewall devices based on open source solutions. Competitors include Vyatta and Untangle.

Security Products and Services:

Endian 4i

Endian UTM Mini

Endian UTM Mercury

Endian UTM X Series

Endian UTM R Series

Endian UTM Software


Enforcive is a leader in the development of data security software and network security audit solutions for IBM i, AS/400, iSeries and Mainframe computers. Our cutting edge server-based and network security applications include solutions for protection, monitoring, IT auditing and regulatory compliance requirements.

Enova Technology Corporation

Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Enova Technology Corporation

What This Company Does in Security:

Enova is a Taiwanese company that offers encrypted storage solutions.

Security Products and Services:

Enova Technology SecureNAS

X-Wall FX

X-Wall MX

X-Wall DX

Enova SecureSATA RAID

Enova SecureIDE RAID

Secure Notebook


Secure Daughter Card

Secure Multi-Bay Kits

New Secure Ruggedized Notebook

Enova SecureUSB Pro

Enova Secure Mobile Rack

Addonics Diamond Cipher Hard Drive

Addonics Ruby Cipher Hard Drive

Addonics Saturn Cipher Mobile Rack

Biometric Encryption System - Secure USB2.0 Storage

Enova Secure USB2.0/SATA to IDE/SATA

Secure USB / Firewire Combo

Hardware TDES 192-bit Encrypted 1" 8GB USB Drive

Addonics CipherChain

Enova Secure PCI Adapter

Enova Secure Bay Kit

Secure Mini Barebone

Secure IDE

Addonics Storage Tower



What This Company Does in Security:

Ensim offers a number of Active Directory management and auditing tools.

Security Products and Services:

Unify Enterprise Edition

Unify Service Provider

Unify Managed Edition

Ensim Unify Saas

Enterasys Networks


What This Company Does in Security:

Enterasys offers a number of network security management devices in the SIEM, IPS, and NAC spaces. The Enterasys SIEM solution licenses its technology from Q1 Labs. Competitors in the SIEM space include Cisco (MARS) and Juniper.

Security Products and Services:

Enterasys A-Series

Enterasys B-Series

Enterasys C-Series

Enterasys D-Series

Enterasys G-Series

Enterasys HiPath

Enterasys I-Series

Enterasys Intrusion Prevention System(IPS)

Enterasys Midspan PoE

Enterasys N-Series

Enterasys Network Access Control(NAC)

Enterasys NMS Automated Security Manager

Enterasys NMS Console

Enterasys NMS Inventory Manager

Enterasys NMS NAC Manager

Enterasys NMS Policy Manager

Enterasys RoamAbout

Enterasys S-Series

Enterasys Security Information & Event Manager(SIEM)

Enterasys Transceivers

Enterasys X-Series

Enterasys XSR-Series



What This Company Does in Security:

Entrust offers a number of identity management, two factor, and PKI solutions. Entrust also develops a fraud management and detection solution.

Security Products and Services:

Security Manager

Administration Services

Auto-enrollment Server

Roaming Server

Security Manager Proxy

Enrollment Server for Web

Enrollment Server for VPN


Certificate Management Service

Extended Validation SSL Certificates

Advantage SSL Certificates

Standard SSL Certificates

Unified Communications SSL Certificates

Adobe CDS Certificates

Code Signing Certificates

Security Provider

Messaging Server

Group Share

Mobile Server

Proxy Server

Entrust IdentityGuard

Non-Federal Shared Service Provider PKI

Entrust Secure Transaction Platform

Entrust TruePass

Entrust USB Tokens

Envault Corporation


What This Company Does in Security:

Envault develops a USB encryption system that works by only allowing partial files to be stored on external USB drives. The centrally stored file fragment is then only provided to authorized users. This allows IT departments to remotely remove access to files stored on USB devices.

Security Products and Services:

Envault Removable Media Protection


The Power of the Platform
Unique in the industry, Anakam Identity Services is a single, integrated platform for no touch, risk-based identity verification and knowledge-based authentication coupled with strong two-factor authentication. Using seamless access to numerous, proprietary consumer demographic and credit data sources, these systems prevent fraudsters from being able to enroll for online services on the front end. Once enrolled and accurately identified, our system allows you to check the professional credentials of a user electronically, prior to allowing access to downstream business applications.

With the barriers to adoption removed, companies and government entities can now provide cost-effective identity and authentication solutions to millions of end-users in remote, diverse locations. Most importantly, armed with the ironclad assurance of end user identity, institutions can now move traditional paper-based services online – providing customers with better service, 24/7 convenience, and a cost effective delivery model.

A Proven Track Record
Anakam Identity Services has been successfully deployed across multiple verticals serving diverse user bases – from financial records and account information to sensitive patient record systems to massive citizen-facing government websites. Led by experienced industry and technology experts, our services team has developed a reputation for flawless execution on system deployment and customer support. We believe that by revolutionizing identity for security and risk-management we make it easier for you to create trust in the online channel, automate manual processes and, most importantly, improve service to your customers.



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for ERCOM

What This Company Does in Security:

ERCOM is a French company that provides solutions for encrypting VOIP and mobile traffic through the Cyptosmart product line.

Security Products and Services:

Cryptosmart Mobile Suite

Cryptosmart PC Suite

Cryptosmart Gateway

Cryptosmart Card Admin Station

Secphone Office

Cryptosmart Box

Errata Security

What This Company Does in Security:

Errata Security provides vulnerability analysis services.

Security Products and Services:

Vulnerability Analysis Service

Product Testing



Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Eset
LinkedIn profile for Eset

What This Company Does in Security:

  • ESET provides anti-virus solutions across a number of platforms.

Security Products and Services:

  • ESET Smart Security 4
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus
  • ESET Mobile Antivirus
  • Mail Server Security
  • File Server Security
  • Gateway Server Security
  • DELL Storage Servers
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Windows 95/98/ME
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus for MS-DOS



What This Company Does in Security:

eSoft sells a UTM device called Instagate as well as an email security solution called ThreatPak.

Security Products and Services:



Email ThreatPak

Web ThreatPak

Complete Mail Server




Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Evidian

What This Company Does in Security:

Evidian offers identity management and enterprise single-sign on solutions.

Security Products and Services:

Evidian Policy Manager

Evidian Approval Workflow

Evidian Policy Manager

Evidian Approval Workflow

Evidian Enterprise SSO

Evidian Access Collector

Evidian Web Access Manager

Evidian SOA Access Manager

Evidian Data Privacy

OpenMaster for the enterprise

OpenMaster for telecommunications

Load balancing, failover and file replication


What This Company Does in Security:

Exobox offers software-based DLP solutions.

Security Products and Services: