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Компании на букву «H»


Other Useful Links LinkedIn Profile for HackLabs

What This Company Does in Security:

HackLabs is an Australian security consulting company.

Security Products and Services:

Penetration testing

Security consulting

Vulnerability management services

Vulnerability risk assessment



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for HBGary

What This Company Does in Security:

HB Gary develops forensics and anti-malware products.

Security Products and Services:

Enterprise Malware Detection

Responder Professional

HBGary Flypaper

HBGary Unveils REcon

FastDump - A Memory Acquisition Tool

Responder Field Edition

High Density Devices


High Density Devices AS (HDD) is safeguarding your data by patented, verified and certified Full Disk Encryption products for plug & play installations in computers (laptop, desktop, copiers, servers, memory sticks etc.). HDD provides solutions for defence, corporate and mass market encryption purposes by offering self-encrypting hard disk drives - including the patented [hiddn]™ Encryption Module (CM) - in USB, HDD and SSD based configurations. [hiddn]™ is among the highest certified (FIPS 140-2 Level 3, Common Criteria EAL4+, NATO RESTRICTED) and user friendly hardware encryption technologies available on the market today. HDD also offers a Key Management System (KMS) to allow organisations to effectively manage and administer their Smart Cards (contact or contactless (key tokens)) storing the various AES 256 bit encryption keys. The new [hiddn] Crypto Adapter product provides for a secure USB environment for Enterprise and Individual users!

Security Products and Services:

[hiddn]™ Crypto Module

[hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter

[hiddn]™ Laptop

[hiddn]™ Desktop

[hiddn]™ SATA Adapter

[hiddn]™ KMS

[hiddn]™ USB

Hitachi ID Systems


What This Company Does in Security:

Hitachi ID Systems (formerly M-Tech) develops identify management systems.

Security Products and Services:

Hitachi ID Password Manager

Hitachi ID Identity Manager

Hitachi ID Privileged Password Manager

Hitachi ID Group Manager

Hitachi ID Access Certifier

Hitachi ID Org Manager

Hitachi ID Telephone Password Manager

Hitachi ID Login Manager


What This Company Does in Security:

HOB offers a number of solutions for secure remote connectivity

Security Products and Services:





HOB MacGate



What This Company Does in Security:

HP offers the Web Inspect web application vulnerability scanner (formerly SPI Dynamics). Competitors to HP WebInspect include IBM AppScan, Cenzic Hailstorm, and Acunetix.

Security Products and Services:

Web Inspect



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for HyTrust

What This Company Does in Security:

HyTrust™ offers IT managers and administrators of virtual infrastructure a centralized, single point of control for hypervisor configuration, compliance, and access management. By combining best practices, processes, and controls of physical infrastructure security into a comprehensive solution for virtual infrastructure, HyTrust enables virtual infrastructure to achieve the same level of operational readiness as that of existing physical infrastructure. Source: Crunchbase HyTrust

Security Products and Services: