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Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Lancope

What This Company Does in Security:

Lancope®, Inc. is the leader in NetFlow collection and analysis and the provider of the StealthWatch® System for flow-based network performance and security monitoring. StealthWatch currently monitors, secures and optimizes over 45 million hosts across hundreds of networks that span a wide range of customers, including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, higher education, government, and military organizations around the world. Lancope partners with fellow best-of-breed solution providers through its Technology Alliance Program, which includes Cisco Systems, Brocade, Blue Coat, VMware, IBM Tivoli, Check Point, TippingPoint, ArcSight and A10 Networks. Lancope is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2000, Lancope is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Source: Crunchbase Lancope

Security Products and Services:

StealthWatch Management Console

StealthWatch Xe for NetFlow

StealthWatch Xe for sFlow

StealthWatch FlowSensor™ VE

StealthWatch IDentity

StealthWatch NC

Flow Replicator



Recent Acquisitions LANDesk is part of Avocent.
Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for LANDesk
LinkedIn profile for LANDesk

What This Company Does in Security:

LANDesk develops system and asset management solutions.

Security Products and Services:

LANDesk Management Suite

LANDesk Security Suite

LANDesk Anti-Virus

LANDesk Anti-Virus MailServer

LANDesk Patch Manager

LANDesk Host Intrusion Prevention

Lares Consulting

What This Company Does in Security:

Lares Consulting offers security assessment, testing, and consulting services.

Security Products and Services:

Security consulting


Layer 7 Technologies


Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Layer 7 Technologies

What This Company Does in Security:

Layer 7 Technologies markets a complete set of XML appliances and software with the objective of making web services available in an easy, secure and scalable manner. Web services are applications that add functionality via the Internet to other applications by using standard XML data formats such as SOAP, REST, AJAX and RSS. Modern SOA models and Internet-based application delivery models are entirely dependent on effectively dealing with issues such as performance, security, complexity, reliability and availability with shared web services that are shared with other applications. Layer 7 Technologies is fully focused on solutions in the area of "application-oriented security" and network infrastructures in order to provide service-oriented and web-oriented architectures (such as SOA and Web 2.0) which are required for "the next wave of Internet and software innovation." Source: Crunchbase Layer 7 Technologies

Security Products and Services:

XML Accelerator

XML Data Screen

XML Firewall

XML Networking Gateway

XML Virtual Appliance

Enterprise Service Manager

XML VPN Client

Custom Policy Assertion SDK

SecureSpan Manager

SecureSpan Gateway AMI

Oracle Service Bus Appliance

Lieberman Software


What This Company Does in Security:

Lieberman Software develops a privileged password management solution.

Security Products and Services:

Enterprise Random Password Manager

Random Password Manager

User Manager Pro Suite

Service Account Manager

Account Reset Console

Lightspeed Systems


What This Company Does in Security:

Lightspeed provides web filtering and email security for schools.

Security Products and Services:

Total Traffic Control

Web Access Manager

Email Manager

Network Traffic Manager

Power Manager

Security Manager

Likewise Software


What This Company Does in Security:

Likewise develops software for connecting non-Microsoft operating systems and applications to Active Directory. Competitors include Centrify.

Security Products and Services:

Likewise Enterprise

Likewise UID-GID Module

Likewise Open

Likewise CIF

Liquid Machines


Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Liquid Machines

What This Company Does in Security:

Liquid Machines' Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) software provides control of electronic corporate assets throughout the information lifecycle, making users more efficient and reducing the risk of compliance violations and intellectual property leakage. Liquid Machines’ Enterprise Rights Management solutions enable organizations to persistently control access and usage of electronic information regardless of where it exists without changing the way users work. Source: Crunchbase Liquid Machines

Security Products and Services:

Liquid Machines Document Control

Liquid Machines ERM Dashboard

Liquid Machines WorkGroup Editions

Liquid Machines & Microsoft RMS

Liquid Machines Gateway for SharePoint

Liquid Machines Gateway for BlackBerry

Liquid Machines Fileshare Gateway



What This Company Does in Security:

Loggly is a leading provider of a Logging-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform for log management and data analysis. Founded in 2009, Loggly’s cloud-based service enables users to monitor and analyze their IT infrastructure, applications and business processes to generate actionable results. The cloud service approach helps organizations decrease infrastructure cost and increase productivity. The Loggly platform helps developers search, monitor and analyze data from multiple sources, both from traditional on-premise and cloud-based origins, though a single user interface. Loggly’s open architecture enables developers to build apps on top of the platform expanding the benefits and consumption of log data throughout the entire organization. Headquartered in San Francisco, Loggly has over 500 customers and is backed by True and Trinity Ventures.

Security Products and Services:




What This Company Does in Security:

Logicube offers data cloning and forensics products.

Security Products and Services:



Forensic Talon

OmniClone 2Xi

OmniClone 5Xi

OmniClone 10Xi

OmniSCSI One to One

OmniSCSI 4



Desktop WritePROtects



Recent Acquisitions LogLogic acquired Exaprotect in April 2009.
Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Loglogic
LinkedIn profile for Loglogic

What This Company Does in Security:

LogLogic® ( provides log and security management solutions designed to improve accountability and lower costs for organizations of all sizes. LogLogic's open log management platform enables customers to collect, search and store massive amounts of IT log data from a myriad list of devices and applications for a comprehensive fingerprint of past and current activity, through one convenient, easy-to-use web-based user console. LogLogic’s business applications correlate user activities and event data in real-time for a uniquely integrated approach to security event management, database security management, security change management and compliance management, resulting in improved accountability and lower costs for organizations of all sizes. LogLogic is supported by more than 200 partners and trusted by more than 1,000 customers worldwide. Source: Crunchbase LogLogic

Security Products and Services:

LogLogic Security Change Manager

LogLogic Compliance Manager

LogLogic Security Event Manager

LogLogic Open Log Management Platform

LogLogic Database Security Manager


Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for LogMatrix

What This Company Does in Security:

LogMatrix provides a log management and SIEM solution. LogMatrix was known as OpenService prior to November 2009.

Security Products and Services:







What This Company Does in Security:

LogRhythm provides a comprehensive, fully integrated, enterprise-class log management, log analysis and event management solution that empowers organizations to comply with regulations, secure their networks and optimize IT operations. By automating the collection, organization, analysis, archival and recovery of all log data, LogRhythm enables enterprises to easily comply with log data retention regulations while simultaneously gaining valuable, timely and actionable insights into security, availability, performance and audit issues within their infrastructure. LogRhythm solutions are noted for their completeness, useful analytics, ease of use and rapid time to value. LogRhythm was founded by Chris Petersen and Phillip Villella to address the unmet and growing need for a comprehensive log and event management solution. Their varied experience with customers gave them insight into how to architect an enterprise-class solution for maximum utility and long-term viability. Originally founded in Washington, DC, the company was subsequently moved to Boulder, Colorado to take advantage of its Rocky Mountain lifestyle and high tech talent base. The company’s European operations are based in the UK. LogRhythm, Inc. was formerly known as Security Conscious, Inc. and changed its name to LogRhythm, Inc. in December 2005. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Boulder, Colorado. Source: Crunchbase LogRhythm

Security Products and Services:


Log & Event Management

File Integrity Monitoring

Endpoint Monitoring & Control



What This Company Does in Security:

Lookout (formerly Flexilis) provides security solutions for mobile phones.

Security Products and Services:




Recent Acquisitions Lumension acquired Securityworks in April 2009. Lumension used to be called Patchlink prior to a renaming in 2007.
Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Lumension

What This Company Does in Security:

Lumension is a provider of operational endpoint security solutions that help protect information and manage risk across network and endpoint assets. Lumension delivers Vulnerability Management, Endpoint Protection, Data Protection, and Reporting and Compliance Solutions to more than 5,000 customers protecting over 14 million nodes. Source: Crunchbase Lumension

Security Products and Services:

Lumension Application Control

Lumension Device Control

Lumension Patch and Remediation

Lumension Scan

Lumension Security Configuration Management

Lumension Risk Manager

Lumension Enterprise Reporting

Lumension Content Wizard

Lumension NAC Integrator



Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Lumeta
LinkedIn profile for Lumeta

What This Company Does in Security:

Lumeta develops network discovery and analysis tools.

Security Products and Services:


IPsonar MapViewer

Lumeta Network Index (LNI)



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Lumidigm

What This Company Does in Security:

Lumidigm markets biometric devices including fingerprint readers.

Security Products and Services:

Venus Series Fingerprint Sensor

Venus Series OEM Module

J-Series Fingerprint Sensor

Alphatronics FL-10

Innometriks Rhino

KEICO Finger Pass LV-5000

MaxID LumiMax

ZK Software LA2000


Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Lumigent

What This Company Does in Security:

Lumigent offers GRC and auditing software.

Security Products and Services:


Audit DB