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Компании на букву «M»



Recent Acquisitions M86 was formerly known as Marshal8e6. It was formed from Avinti, Marshal, and 86. M86 purchased Finjan in November, 2009.
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What This Company Does in Security:

M86 offers secure web gateways as well as email security products.

Security Products and Services:

Integrated Internet Gateway Security

8e6 Professional Edition



MailMarshal SMTP

MailMarshal e10000

MailMarshal Secure Email Server

MailMarshal SendSecure

MailMarshal Exchange

MailMarshal Service Provider Edition

8e6 Mobile Client

Marshal Endpoint Security


Our customers can clearly see the MaaS360 difference across the enterprise: reducing the costs of supporting mobile workers, maintaining control over all enterprise devices, increasing overall productivity, and providing employees with policy management that encourages efficiency and fulfillment.

Our mission is simple. Empower companies with mobility through a 360-degree view of enterprise device management — giving users the flexibility to work anywhere, and IT the tools to secure, monitor and maintain their mobile assets. We believe that a cloud-based delivery model is the only way to lower mobile expenses and risks while providing faster results than alternative solutions. A comprehensive and consolidated view of mobile devices and all enterprise computing assets — in a solution that is constantly maintained and updated without interruption — is the key to greater operational efficiencies and minimized costs and complexity for IT.

Through our MaaS360 platform, Fiberlink reinvents the way enterprises manage and secure all devices — desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets — throughout their entire lifecycle. For all OS platforms, MaaS360’s simple, intuitive interface, advanced analytics, and management capabilities by user, device, and application provide complete visibility and control of all mobile devices across the enterprise.

MAD Security

What This Company Does in Security:

MAD Security offers security consulting services.

Security Products and Services:

Security consulting



What This Company Does in Security:

Magensa offers fraud management solutions centered around device authentication.

Security Products and Services:

MagnePrint Risk Management Services

MagneSafe Reader

Credit Credential Registration Services

Card Credential Authentication Services

Device/Mutual Authentication Services

Fraud Alerts and Reporting Services

Encryption/Decryption Services

Tokenization and Masking Services

Device Authentication

Device Enablement

Device Disablement

Key Injection and Life Cycle Management

Remote Key Injection

Digital Device Solutions



What This Company Does in Security:

Mailfoundry offers hosted anti-spam products.

Security Products and Services:

Hosted Anti-Spam

MailFoundry 1150 Email Filtering Appliance

MailFoundry 2100 Email Filtering Appliance

MailFoundry 4100 Email Filtering Appliance

MailFoundry 6100 Email Filtering Appliance

MailFoundry 8100 Email Filtering Appliance



What This Company Does in Security:

ManageEngine offers IT management solutions. ManageEngine is a division of ZOHO.

Security Products and Services:

ADManager Plus

ADAudit Plus

Applications Manager


NetFlow Analyzer

Firewall Analyzer

Event Log Analyzer



Security Manager Plus

Password Manager Pro

Password Manager Pro

ADSelfService Plus




WiFi Manager

Reliable Website Monitoring



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What This Company Does in Security:

Managesoft provides configuration management and software inventory products.

Security Products and Services:

Enterprise Compliance Manager

Enterprise Deployment Suite



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What This Company Does in Security:

Mandiant provides security consulting as well as forensics related systems.

Security Products and Services:

Mandiant Intelligent Response (MIR)

Mandiant HighLight

Mandiant Memoryze

Mandiant Red Curtain

Mandiant Web Historian

Mandiant First Response

Mavituna Security


What This Company Does in Security:

Mavituna security is a new start-up that develops a single product - the Netsparker web application security scanner.

Security Products and Services:




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LinkedIn profile for McAfee

What This Company Does in Security:

  • McAfee, Inc. (NYSE: MFE) makes antivirus and computer security software. Their primary brand is McAfee VirusScan, but other brands include IntruShield, Entercept, and Foundstone. Source: Crunchbase McAfee

Security Products and Services:

  • Active Mail Protection
  • Active Virus Defense
  • Active VirusScan
  • AntiSpyware
  • Email Gateway
  • Email Security Appliance
  • Email Security Service
  • Endpoint Encryption
  • ePolicy Orchestrator
  • Firewall Enterprise
  • GroupShield
  • Host Data Loss Prevention
  • Host Intrusion Prevention
  • IntruShield Network IPS Appliances
  • IntruShield Security Manager Appliance
  • IntruShield network IPS solution
  • Mobile Content Safety
  • Mobile Security
  • NetShield for NetWare
  • Network Access Control
  • Network DLP
  • Network Security Manager
  • Network Security Platform
  • Network User Behavior Analysis
  • Network Threat Behavior Analysis
  • Network Threat Response
  • PortalShield for Microsoft SharePoint
  • ProtectionPilot
  • Secure Internet Gateway
  • Secure Messaging Service for Small Business
  • SecurityShield for Microsoft ISA Server
  • SiteAdvisor
  • SmartFilter
  • SpamKiller
  • Total Protection (ToPS)
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) Firewall
  • VirusScan
  • Web Gateway
  • Web Protection Service
  • Web Security Appliance

McCabe Software


What This Company Does in Security:

McCabe Software produces software testing, QAing, and configuration management tools.

Security Products and Services:

McCabe IQ

McCabe CM



What This Company Does in Security:

MEGA offers GRC and auditing solutions.

Security Products and Services:

MEGA Process

MEGA Architecture

MEGA System Blueprint

MEGA Database Builder

MEGA Control and Risk

MEGA Requirement Tracker

MEGA Suite for DoDAF

MEGA Audit


MEGA Control

MEGA Event and Loss

MEGA Internal Policy

MEGA Regulation

MEGA Action Plan

MEGA Quantification and Analytics

MEGA Simulation

MEGA IT Planning


MEGA Advisor



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Memento

What This Company Does in Security:

Memento, Inc. designs and delivers enterprise fraud and compliance solutions for proactive monitoring, detection, real-time alerts, and investigation to credit unions and community banks in North America and Europe. It offers Security 4.0, an enterprise fraud and compliance platform that combines data management, fraud analytics, and case management capabilities to address technological issues, as well as enables banks or credit unions to address damaging fraud and compliance schemes. The company also provides solutions to monitor new account frauds across various channels, products, transaction types, and accounts; insider issue solutions to monitor transaction data, general ledger, and other data sources; and deposit account fraud solutions to protect deposit accounts. In addition, it offers enterprise fraud solutions for smaller banks or credit unions; Memento Security - Check Fraud, a check fraud prevention solution for banks; and solutions that address regulatory requirements, as well as enable organizations to detect, prevent, mitigate, and document identity theft and other issues to protect customers against identity theft. The company was founded in 2002 and is based in Concord, Massachusetts with additional offices in New York, Los Angeles, Milan, London, and Washington, D.C. Source: Crunchbase Memento

Security Products and Services:

Innovative Data Management

Multi-Faceted Fraud Analytics

Collaborative Case Management

Message Labs (Symantec)


What This Company Does in Security:

Symantec MessageLabs offers hosted email and related security services.

Security Products and Services:

Email AntiSpam

Email Anti-Virus

Email Image Control

Email Content Control

Email Continuity


Anti-Spyware AntiVirus

Email Archiving

Email Boundary Encryption

Policy Based Encryption

Enterprise IM



What This Company Does in Security:

MessageGate offers products for enforcing corporate email policies.

Security Products and Services:

Archive Categorization

Policy Enforcement

Email Filtering

Activity Profile




What This Company Does in Security:

Metaflows offers software-as-a-service security monitoring.

Security Products and Services:

Security monitoring



What This Company Does in Security:

Metaforic develops products for protecting software and games from piracy. Competitors include Arxan, V i Laboratories, Cloakware, and PreEmptive Solutions.

Security Products and Services:




What This Company Does in Security:

Methodware provides GRC solutions.

Security Products and Services:


COBIT Assessor

Pro Audit

Planning Advisor



What This Company Does in Security:

MetricStream software provides solutions for quality management, regulatory compliance, risk management, and corporate governance. MetricStream enterprise solutions are used by leading corporations in diverse industries such as pharmaceutical, medical device, high tech manufacturing, energy, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, food and beverages and automotive to manage quality processes, regulatory and industry-mandated compliance and corporate governance initiatives. MetricStream's product portfolio comprises of a suite of applications based on the patent-pending Enterprise Compliance Platform (ECP). The applications are designed to manage compliance with quality standards, industry regulations, risk programs and corporate policies. In addition, MetricStream's portal is used by compliance professionals to improve their work productivity and for professional growth. MetricStream, along with its network of partners, provides hosting, implementation, post-sales support, and validation services for its solutions to ensure that customers realize the maximum value from their investments. Source: Crunchbase MetricStream

Security Products and Services:

MetricStream Compliance Management System

MetricStream Risk Management System

MetricStream Electronic Document Management software

MetricStream Audit Management software

MetricStream Regulatory Reporting solutions

MetricStream Change Management software

MetricStream Enterprise Compliance Platform



What This Company Does in Security:

Microsoft offers software versions of networking security products such as VPN and NAC. The company also offers security products for many Microsoft systems such as Exchange. Microsoft has endpoint security management offerings as well.

Security Products and Services:

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

Microsoft ISA Server

Microsoft Forefront Security

Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager

Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway

Microsoft Intelligent Application Gateway


What This Company Does in Security:

MicroSolved provides security assessments and penetration testing.

Security Products and Services:

Application Security Assessments

Application Penetration Tests

Application Code Reviews


Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Microworld

What This Company Does in Security:

MicroWorld offers anti-virus products.

Security Products and Services:

eScan AntiVirus (AV)

eScan Internet Security Suite (ISS)

MailScan for Mail Servers

MailScan for SMTP Servers

MailScan for Lotus Notes Server

MailScan for MS Exchange Server

X-Spam for SMTP Servers



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Mimecast

What This Company Does in Security:

Mimecast provides email security as part of the company's email-as-a-service offering.

Security Products and Services:

Mimecast's Unified Email Management

Mirage Networks


Recent Acquisitions Mirage was acquired by Trustwave in February, 2009.
Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Mirage Networks

What This Company Does in Security:

Mirage produces a NAC device.

Security Products and Services:

Mirage NAC



What This Company Does in Security:

Mirapoint provides email security and anti-spam products.

Security Products and Services:

Mirapoint Message Server



Mirapoint Mobile Services

MIS Training Institute

What This Company Does in Security:

The MIS Training Institute provides information security and certification training.

Security Products and Services:

Information security training

Mobile Active Defense


What This Company Does in Security:

Mobile Active Defense develops smartphone security solutions.

Security Products and Services:

Mobile Enterprise Compliance and Security Center



What This Company Does in Security:

Mobilegov is a French provider of network access control devices.

Security Products and Services:

Mobilegov Digital DNA ID Box

Mobilegov Remote Access

Mobilegov Secure Webmails

Mobilegov Secure VPN

Mobilegov Winlogon

Mobilegov SAAS Mode

Mobiquant Technologies


What This Company Does in Security:

Mobiquant is a French start-up that develops wireless security solutions. It is unclear from their website whether they have established a customer base.

Security Products and Services:

Mobile NX Defender Suite

Mobile NX



What This Company Does in Security:

Mocana securely enables Internet-scale applications and services for connected devices. Mocana's industry-leading infrastructure software solutions ensure that wired and wireless devices, networks and services perform and scale with the utmost security – a necessary foundation for a networked society. Customers include Dell, Cisco, Avaya, Nortel Networks, Harris, Honeywell, Symbol, and Radvision, among others. Mocana is a huge supporter of open industry standards. We took a proactive stance in initiating a 'Web Services for Devices' standards discussion group inside OASIS with participation interest from major platform vendors, telecoms, OEMs and ISVs. Source: Crunchbase Mocana

Security Products and Services:

Device Security Framework (DSF)

DSF for Android

DSF for Freescale










Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Modulo

What This Company Does in Security:

Modulo develops risk management and GRC solutions.

Security Products and Services:

Modulo Risk Manager

Motorola AirDefense


What This Company Does in Security:

Motorola AirDefense offers a wireless intrusion prevention system.

Security Products and Services:

Motorola AirDefense Enterprise

Motorola AirDefense Mobile

Mu Dynamics


Other Useful Links Wikipedia Entry for Mu Dynamics

What This Company Does in Security:

Mu Dynamics provides fuzz testing products for testing software security.

Security Products and Services:

Mu Dynamics Studio FX

Mu Dynamics Studio ZX

Protocol Fuzzing

Denial of Service Simulation Module

MX Logic


Recent Acquisitions McAfee acquired MX Logic in September, 2009.
Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for MX Logic

What This Company Does in Security:

MX Logic, Inc. provides managed email and Web security services in the United States and internationally. It offers Email Defense Solutions that protect against email-borne threats and help businesses to meet compliance regulations via email storage, retrieval, and surveillance. The company also provides Message Archiving for businesses to monitor, store, and retrieve company email messages to comply with electronic security regulations; and Web Defense Service that blocks Web threats, including spyware, viruses, and phishing attacks. It serves public companies, as well as companies in healthcare, financial services, and law and insurance markets. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado. Source: Crunchbase MX Logic

Security Products and Services:

MX Logic Email Defense Service

MX Logic Email Defense Service

MX Logic Web Defense Service

MX Logic Disaster Recovery Services

MX Logic Service Bundles

MXI Security


What This Company Does in Security:

MXI Security produces hardware encrypted USB drives.

Security Products and Services:

Stealth M-Series

Stealth Mini

Stealth MXP Passport

Stealth MXP Bio

Outbacker MXP Bio

ACCESS Antivirus Scanner

Device Lifecycle Management Solution

ACCESS Enterprise

Strong Authentication & Digital Identity

Secure Portable Storage

ACCESS Identity

Enterprise Single


Strong Authentication for Full Disk Encryption

Portable Desktop



What This Company Does in Security:

MXSweep is an Irish startup with an email security-as-a-service offering.

Security Products and Services:

Email Security

Content Control