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Компании на букву «N»



What This Company Does in Security:

N-Stalker is a Brazilian company that develops a web application security scanner.

Security Products and Services:

N-Stalker QA

N-Stalker Infrastructure

N-Stalker Enterprise

Napera Networks


What This Company Does in Security:

Napera Networks is delivering a new breed of active network management services, powered from the cloud, and focused on helping small and medium-sized enterprises reduce the cost and complexity of IT management. The company’s flagship product, Napera Insight, is an online service that delivers enterprise-class network and security management. Napera Insight Apps can be instantly deployed and require zero-maintenance, making them ideal for busy network administrators. Source: Crunchbase Napera Networks

Security Products and Services:

Napera Insight



What This Company Does in Security:

Narus is a provider of real-time traffic intelligence for the protection and management of large IP networks. Specifically, Narus provides security, intercept and traffic management solutions within a single system. With Narus, service providers, governments and large enterprises around the world can immediately detect, analyze, mitigate and target any unwanted, unwarranted or malicious traffic. Narus is a privately held, U.S. company, incorporated in Delaware in 1997, and entirely funded by U.S.-based venture funds. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., in the United States, with regional offices around the world. Source: Crunchbase Narus

Security Products and Services:


Cyber Protection Solution

Intercept Solution

Traffic Management (Grey VoIP) Solution

NCC Group

Offering a total information assurance solution for your business, NCC Group protects against risk. We provide freedom from doubt that business critical information, data, websites, applications and infrastructure are available, protected, and operating as they should be at all times.



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for nCircle

What This Company Does in Security:

nCircle is the leading provider of automated security and compliance auditing solutions. More than 4,500 enterprises, government agencies and service providers around the world rely on nCircle's proactive solutions to manage and reduce security risk and achieve compliance on their networks. nCircle has won numerous awards for growth, innovation, customer satisfaction and technology leadership. nCircle is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with regional offices throughout the United States and in London and Toronto.

Security Products and Services:

nCircle Suite360
File Integrity Monitoring
Suite360 Intelligence Hub for nCircle IP360
PCI Scan Service

NCP Secure Communications


What This Company Does in Security:

NCP is a German company that develops secure VPN clients and VPN solutions.

Security Products and Services:

NCP Secure Communications

NCP Secure Entry Clients

NCP Secure Enterprise Solution



What This Company Does in Security:

Nemx develops anti-virus and anti-spam solutions for Microsoft Exchange.

Security Products and Services:

SecurExchange Corporate Edition

SecurExchange Perimeter Edition

SecurExchange SBS Edition

SecurExchange AutoContent Edition

SecurExchange AV Corpotate Edition

SecurExchange AV Perimeter Edition

SecurExchange IMF Edition



What This Company Does in Security:

NEOACCEL provides security to all information in for company's in a virtual world. NEOACCELL provides end to end security for cloud computing, VM Ware & Xen Environment, and for Enterprise. Source: Crunchbase NeoAccel

Security Products and Services:





NeoAccel SSL VPN-Plus



What This Company Does in Security:

Neohapsis offers security consulting, pen testing, and GRC software.

Security Products and Services:

Certus GRC

Certus Compliance



What This Company Does in Security:

NetApp offers offers encryption, key management, and storage solutions for backed up data.

Security Products and Services:




Lifetime Key Management

Brocade Encryption



What This Company Does in Security:

NETASQ sells firewalls and anti-spam appliances. It caters primarily to the SMB market.

Security Products and Services:



UTM U Series



What This Company Does in Security:

NetClarity offers an agentless NAC appliance.

Security Products and Services:

Enterprise NACwall

Branch NACwall

Micro NACwall



Recent Acquisitions Netezza acquired Tizor in February 2009.
Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Netezza
LinkedIn profile for Netezza

What This Company Does in Security:

Netezza sells the Matra appliance which offers auditing, compliance, and security for Netezza data warehouse appliances.

Security Products and Services:




What This Company Does in Security:

netForensics security compliance management solutions help stop the security attacks—increasing in number and sophistication—that threaten organizations today. We pioneered security information management (SIM) in 1999 and today, we deliver the most comprehensive security decision support available, backed by our powerful, patented SIM platform. But netForensics doesn’t just solve security compliance challenges—we provide the proof needed to address the myriad of regulatory and internal governance requirements. The netForensics suite of solutions enables more than 500 organizations and government agencies worldwide to mitigate external and internal threats—to networks, databases, and core applications. We provide real-time visibility into threats and vulnerabilities, so you can take action where you need it, when you need it to protect your valuable assets. netForensics offers you unparalleled security visibility—so you can protect your data, prevent costly downtime, and maintain compliant operations. Source: Crunchbase netForensics

Security Products and Services:

nFX One

nFX Cinxi One




What This Company Does in Security:

Netgear Inc. designs, develops and markets networking products for home users and small businesses worldwide. Products let users share Net access, peripherals, files, digital multimedia content, and applications among multiple personal computers and other Net-enabled devices. Ethernet networking products include switches; network interface cards, adapters, and bridges; peripheral servers; and virtual private network firewalls. Broadband access products comprise routers, gateways, Internet protocol telephony products, and wireless gateways. Network connectivity products consist of wireless access points, wireless network interface cards and adapters, media adapters, Wi-Fi phones, network attached storage, and powerline adapters and bridges. Source: Crunchbase NETGEAR

Security Products and Services:

NETGEAR ProSecure STM Series

NETGEAR ProSecure UTM Series



What This Company Does in Security:

NetGuardians is a Swiss start-up offering a SIEM solution.

Security Products and Services:




Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for NetIQ

What This Company Does in Security:

NetIQ Corp. provides host connectivity, systems and security management, and PC lifecycle management solutions. It offers NetIQ Aegis, a solution to automate repetitive and manual tasks with information technology (IT) process and run book automation; NetIQ AppManager to monitor and manage the performance of systems, applications, networks, and IT services; NetIQ Security Manager to detect changes, monitor privileged user activity, consolidate logs, and manage security events; NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager to audit and control the security configuration of servers, applications, and workstations; and NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator to delegate administrator privileges in active directory. The company also provides NetIQ Change Guardian for Databases, a security information and event management solution for protecting host systems, applications, and data, as well as offers baseline installation and configuration, education and training, environment upgrade, optimization and alignment, staff augmentation, and security enforcement services. In addition, it offers NetIQ Identity Integration Suite, which enables centralized management and control for Unix, Linux, VMware ESX, and Mac. The company offers its products for IT process automation, enterprise systems and application management, security and compliance management, operational VMware management, and unified communications management applications. NetIQ Corp. has a strategic OEM relationship with Netezza Corporation. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. As of July 5, 2006, NetIQ Corp. operates as a subsidiary of Attachmate Corporation. Source: Crunchbase NetIQ

Security Products and Services:

NetIQ Aegis

NetIQ Analysis Center

NetIQ AppManager

NetIQ Change Guardian

NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator

NetIQ Exchange Administrator

NetIQ Group Policy Administrator

NetIQ Migration Suite

NetIQ PCI DSS Compliance Suite

NetIQ PSAudit

NetIQ PSDetect

NetIQ PSSecure

NetIQ Risk and Compliance Center

NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager

NetIQ Secure Password Administrator

NetIQ Security Compliance Suite

NetIQ Security Manager

NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries

NetIQ Vivinet Assessor

NetIQ Vivinet Diagnostics

VigilEnt Policy Center


Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for NetQin

What This Company Does in Security:

NetQin is a Chinese company that develops anti-virus software for mobile devices.

Security Products and Services:

NetQin Mobile Antivirus

NetQin Mobile Assistant

NetQin Comm. Master

NetQin Secure SMS



What This Company Does in Security:

NETRESEC offers network security monitoring and network forensics products.

Security Products and Services:






What This Company Does in Security:

netVigilance develops the SecureScout vulnerability scanner.

Security Products and Services:

SecureScout Perimeter

SecureScout NX

SecureScout SP

SecureScout EagleBox

SecureScout Single Scanners

SecureScout WinRT

SecureScout WinHoneyd



What This Company Does in Security:

NetWitness Corporation provides network security monitoring software products for commercial and government organizations in the United Kingdom and internationally. It offers network content analysis methods, risk verification and determination methods, incident response, data leakage and content monitoring, and compliance services. The company’s products include NetWitness NextGen, a network security monitoring solution to solve various network and security problems, including insider threat management, data leakage protections, compliance verifications, malware activity detections, zero-day detections, network performance management, and network-based e-discovery, as well as data governance, risk, and compliance management verifications; and a NextGen enterprise network forensics and advanced threat intelligence platform for security experts in various enterprises. It also provides infrastructure products, such as Investigator, an interactive software application that provides contextual analysis of captured network data; Informer, an automated reporting engine of the NetWitness NextGen product suite; Decoder, a component of an enterprise-wide network data recording solution; Concentrator, which is used to aggregate clusters of decoders in real-time for enterprise-wide analysis of network; and API/SDK, an open programming interface that leverages the NetWitness NextGen record once/re-use many times network capture infrastructure. In addition, the company offers SIEMLink, a solution for translating security event data between Web-based consoles, such as security event and information management systems, and network and system management programs. It primarily serves defense organizations, financial services companies, national law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and banks. NetWitness Corporation has a strategic partnership with Phoenix Datacom, Ltd. The company was incorporated in 2006 and is based in Herndon, Virginia. Source: Crunchbase NetWitness

Security Products and Services:





NetWitness Live

NetWitness Informer

NetWitness Investigator

NetWitness SIEMLink

Network Box


What This Company Does in Security:

Network Box offers a security gateway appliance and accompanying managed security services.

Security Products and Services:

Managed Security Services

Network Intelligence

What This Company Does in Security:

Network Intelligence is an Indian information security consulting company.

Security Products and Services:

Security Consulting



Network Intercept

Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Network Intercept

What This Company Does in Security:

Network Intercept sells desktop and mobile anti-virus products.

Security Products and Services:


Secure Mobile Apps

Keystroke Interference

Nano Stealth




Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for NetWrix Corp

What This Company Does in Security:

NetWrix offers security management tools for Active Directory.

Security Products and Services:

Account Lockout Examiner

Active Directory Change Reporter

Active Directory Object Restore Wizard

Anti Spam for Exchange

Bulk Password Reset

Change Reporter for System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Change Reporter for VMware

Disk Space Monitor

Event Log Manager

Exchange Change Reporter

File Server Change Reporter

Group Policy Change Reporter

Inactive Users Tracker

Service Monitor

VMware Reporter

Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter for Exchange

Password Expiration Notifier

Password Manager

Privileged Account Manager

Server Configuration Monitor

SQL Server Change Reporter

USB Blocker

Web-based Password Change for Active Directory

Nevis Networks


Recent Acquisitions This company has declared bankruptcy
Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Nevis Networks

What This Company Does in Security:

Nevis Networks, Inc. offers ASIC-based local area network (LAN) security systems to ensure data integrity, network availability, and regulatory compliance in corporate LANs. It provides LANenforcer, which integrates LAN security functions into security policy processing engine that provides inspection of every packet to ensure data integrity, threat containment, and user accountability. The company also offers Personal DMZ that provides a protective perimeter for each and every user, and policy-driven access control to the appropriate network resources and applications for each user; LANenforcer Secure Access Switch for locking down a LAN; LANenforcer appliance that sits in line aggregating traffic from multiple access switches and provides individualized access control and microsecond threat detection and response; and LANsight Security Manager that provides centralized security policy configuration, monitoring, event correlation, and reporting. In addition, it offers support services, consulting services, and training services, as well as onsite and customized training programs. The company serves financial services, high-tech, and healthcare industries, as well as educational institutions. Nevis Networks was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California with research and development centers in Pune, India and Beijing, China. Source: Crunchbase Nevis Networks

Security Products and Services:


LANenforcer 1048 Secure Switch

LANenforcer 2024 and 2124 LAN Security Appliance

LANsight Security Management Appliance

New Boundary Technologies


What This Company Does in Security:

New Boundary offers security and configuration management solutions.

Security Products and Services:

Prism Suite

Prism Deploy

Prism Asset Manager

Prism Patch Manager

Prism Deploy Packager

Policy Commander


Newbury Networks


What This Company Does in Security:

Newbury Networks develops solutions to manage and secure wireless LANs. The firewall solution enables location based access control.

Security Products and Services:

Newbury Location Appliance

Active Asset

RF Firewall

Digital Docent

Newbury Presence Platform


Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for NextLabs

What This Company Does in Security:

NextLabs develops DLP and access control systems.

Security Products and Services:

Enterprise DLP

Compliant Enterprise



What This Company Does in Security:

Niksun develops network monitoring and forensics appliances. Competitors include NetWitness.

Security Products and Services:


NIKSUN NetTrident

NIKSUN Central Manager


NIKSUN NetDetector

NIKSUN Full-function Appliance

NIKSUN Puma Portable



NIKSUN FlowAggregator

NIKSUN Add-on Solution Modules



What This Company Does in Security:

NitroSecurity is a supplier of Unified Information Security solutions that provide Edge-to-Core network security for enterprises across many vertical markets, including healthcare, education, financial services, government, retail, hospitality, and managed services. Leveraging patented data management technology, NitroSecurity delivers an integrated, cost effective network security product suite for security information & event management, log management, database activity monitoring, network analysis and intrusion prevention. Source: Crunchbase NitroSecurity

Security Products and Services:

NitroView Enterprise Security Manager

NitroView Application Protocol Monitor

NitroView Database Monitor

NitroView Enterprise Log Manager

NitroView Intrusion Prevention

Norkom Technologies


What This Company Does in Security:

Norkrom develops financial crime management and compliance software.

Security Products and Services:

Norkom Enterprise Investigation Management

Norkom Anti-Money Laundering

Multi-Channel Fraud Management

Norkom Card Fraud

Norkom Online Fraud solution

Norkom Customer Due Diligence/ Know Your Customer solution

Norkom Identity Resolution


Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Norman

What This Company Does in Security:

Norman develops anti-virus, anti-spyware, and parental control software.

Security Products and Services:

Norman Security Suite

Norman Antivirus & Antispyware

Norman Virus Control

Norman Parental Control

Norman Personal Firewall

Norman Ad-Aware

Norman Endpoint Protection

Norman Email Protection Appliance

Norman Online Protection

Norman Virus Control for AMaViS

Norman Network Protection

Norman Network Protection Appliance

Norman Virus Control for MIMEsweeper



What This Company Does in Security:

Nortel sells NAC and VPN solutions.

Security Products and Services:

Identity Engines Ignition Analytics

Identity Engines Ignition Guest Manager

Identity Engines Ignition Posture

Identity Engines Ignition Server

Identity Engines Portfolio

Secure Router Series

VPN Gateway Series

VPN Router Series

WLAN Security Switch Series



What This Company Does in Security:

Novell offers identity management, SIEM, and endpoint management solutions.

Security Products and Services:


Access Manager

Identity Manager

Privileged User Manager


Sentinel Log Manager

ZENworks Configuration Management

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management

ZENworks Network Access Control

ZENworks Patch Management



What This Company Does in Security:

NT OBJECTives develops a web application security scanner.

Security Products and Services:




What This Company Does in Security:

nuBridges offers data encryption, tokenization, and secure file transfer solutions.

Security Products and Services:

nuBridges PROTECT

nuBridges EXCHANGE

nuBridges EXCHANGE i


What This Company Does in Security:

nVisium provides application security consulting.

Security Products and Services:

Vulnerability Assessments

Code Review

SDLC Consulting

Penetration Tests