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Компании на букву «P»



What This Company Does in Security:

PacketMotion, Inc. develops security investigations, alerting, and reporting solutions for enterprises to see user activity inside their networks. It offers PacketSentry appliance, a security system to track user behavior on server and application platforms in an enterprise. The company also provides various services, including jumpstart service, installation service, training service, and custom services. Its solutions enable insider awareness and threat management, compliance reporting and audit, protection of sensitive data, security investigations, network activity monitoring, and access control permission change management. The company serves IT and security professionals. It markets its products in the United States and Canada. PacketMotion, Inc. was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in San Jose, California. Source: Crunchbase Packetmotion

Security Products and Services:

PacketSentry Manager

PacketSentry Probe

PacketSentry Remote Office Probe

PacketSentry Transparent SSL Inspector

PacketTrap Networks


Recent Acquisitions PacketTrap was acquired by Quest Software in December 2009.
Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Packet Trap Networks
LinkedIn profile for Packet Trap Networks

What This Company Does in Security:

PacketTrap Networks, Inc. provides network and application management software solutions in the United States. It offers network diagnostics, network management, and network discovery tools, as well as traffic analysis solutions. Its solutions include PacketTrap perspective, a network management and application monitoring solution that solves the problems associated with bandwidth, performance, and connectivity; and PacketTrap managed service provider, a monitoring platform to provide up/down monitoring of customer's networks, servers, desktops, and laptops, as well as management of applications. The company’s solutions also include PacketTrap Traffic Publisher, which provides a granular view into the type of data clogging bandwidth, who is consuming it, and the domains generating data on routers, switches, and servers on network; pt360 tool suite PRO, which consolidates network management and monitoring tools into an integrated interface; and pt360 tool suite application monitoring, which provides visibility of running processes and performance counters for applications to prevent application failures and identify degradations. It serves network administrators. PacketTrap Networks, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Source: Crunchbase PacketTrap Networks

Security Products and Services:

PacketTrap MSP

PacketTrap Perspective

pt360 Tool Suite PRO


Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Paisley

What This Company Does in Security:

Paisley, a Thomson Reuters company, is the industry leading provider of comprehensive governance, risk and compliance solutions, including software, training, and professional services. The company's software solutions portfolio includes Paisley Enterprise GRC® and GRC on Demand®, which support the business processes of financial controls management, internal audit, operational risk management, compliance, IT governance, and enterprise risk management. To compliment these software solutions, Paisley offers a set of GRC professional services that combine methodology and technology to offer a practical, proven approach for GRC convergence. For more than a decade, Paisley has delivered superior software and services to both large enterprise and mid-market organizations. Source: Crunchbase Paisley

Security Products and Services:

Paisley Enterprise GRC

GRC on Demand

AutoAudit for Windows



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Paladion

What This Company Does in Security:

Paladion offers web application penetration testing through its Plynt security testing division. Paladion also offers managed security services.

Security Products and Services:

Managed Security Services

Plynt Security Testing



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Palamida

What This Company Does in Security:

Palamida develops products to identify and managed the use of open source in an application. Competitors include Black Duck Software.

Security Products and Services:

Palamida Application Security Enterprise Edition

Palamida Application Security Standard Edition

Palamida Application Security Compliance Edition

Palm Tree Technology


What This Company Does in Security:

Palm Tree Technology is a start-up offering multi-factor authentication solutions.

Security Products and Services:

ID Insure



Palo Alto Networks


What This Company Does in Security:

Palo Alto Networks develops firewalls that give visibility and control of the application layer.

Security Products and Services:

PA-4060 Firewall

PA-4050 Firewall

PA-4020 Firewall

PA-2050 Firewall

PA-2020 Firewall

PA-500 Firewall

Panda Security

Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Panda Security
LinkedIn profile for Panda Security

What This Company Does in Security:

Panda Security S.L. provides IT security solutions. It offers Global Protection, Internet Security, and Antivirus Pro that protects from viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers, online fraud, identity theft, and other Internet threats; Security for Linux, a solution for companies with Linux distributions installed on their workstations; ActiveScan, an online scanner that detects malware; and Collective Intelligence, an online and real-time database that stores the signature files keeping them at a minimum on the endpoint. The company also offers Managed Office Protection, a Web-based subscription security service; GateDefender Integra, a centralized perimeter protection against various types of Internet threats; GateDefender Performa, a solution to combat malware, spam, and inappropriate content; Malware Radar, an automated audit that locates infection points; and TrustLayer Mail, a managed mail-cleaning service. It serves companies and home users. The company has operations in Argentina, Austria, Benelux, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, France, Guatemala, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, the United States, the United Kingdom, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Panda Security S.L. has strategic alliance with Anti-Phishing Working Group, AV- Test, AVIEWS, TSANet, The European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research, Microsoft, Citrix, OPSEC, and Intel. Panda Security S.L. was formerly known as Panda Software International S.L. The company was founded in 1990 and is based in Bilbao, Spain. It has subsidiaries in the United States, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, Holland, and Belgium. Source: Crunchbase Panda Security

Security Products and Services:

Panda Antivirus for Netbooks

Panda Antivirus Pro 2010

Panda Internet Security 2010

Panda Global Protection 2010

Panda ActiveScan 2.0



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Paraben

What This Company Does in Security:

Paraben offers forensics products, primarily for mobile devices.

Security Products and Services:

Forensic Software

Forensic Hardware

P2 Command Kit

P3 Command Kit

Device Seizure Kit

Data Arrest

Decryption Collection

SIM Card Seizure



Other Useful Links Wikipedia Entry for Parasoft

What This Company Does in Security:

Parasoft develops static analysis and other software testing tools.

Security Products and Services:

Parasoft JTest

Parasoft C++test

Parasoft WebKing

Parasoft Concerto

Parasoft Insure++

Parasoft SOAtest

Parasoft .Test

Parasoft BPEL



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Passfaces

What This Company Does in Security:

Passfaces develops an authentication system that is based on users remembering a set of faces instead of a password.

Security Products and Services:

Passfaces Web Access

Passfaces for Windows



What This Company Does in Security:

Passlogix, Inc., specializes in providing fast and secure access to enterprise resources. The company’s flagship product is the v-GO Access Accelerator Suite, the leading solution set for speeding user access to applications throughout the extended enterprise by eliminating critical pain points in sign-on, provisioning and authentication processes. With more than 21 million licenses sold, the v-GO suite improves business efficiency, strengthens security and compliance, and dramatically reduces IDM system deployment times. The company's patented technology - launched in 1996 with the market's first usable enterprise single sign-on solution - shortens implementation and payback cycles by adapting to any existing infrastructure without the need for custom coding or replacing legacy hardware or software. Passlogix is headquartered in New York City with offices throughout the United States, United Kingdom, France and Asia. Source: Crunchbase Passlogix

Security Products and Services:

v-GO Single Sign-On

v-GO On Demand Edition

v-GO Session Manager

v-GO Shared Accounts Manager

v-GO Provisioning Manager

v-GO Authentication Manager

v-GO Self-Service Password Reset

PC Tools

Recent Acquisitions PC Tools was purchased by Symantec in August 2008.
Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for PC Tools
LinkedIn profile for PC Tools

What This Company Does in Security:

PC Tools Pty Ltd. develops and publishes security and utility software for consumers and enterprises markets. Its products include Spyware Doctor, which provides spyware protection to secure Windows personal computers; PC Tools AntiVirus that offers protection against virus infections; Registry Mechanic, a registry cleaner to fix Windows errors; and File Recover, which recovers files from hard drives, floppy drives, and fixed media. The company also provides Privacy Guardian, a privacy software to erase online Internet tracks and program activity; Spam Monitor, an anti-spam filter for protecting inbox against unsolicited junk emails; and PC Tools Firewall Plus, a personal firewall that protects computers from intruders and controls the network traffic. In addition, PC Tools offers ThreatFire, which detects malicious behavior used by malware threats; and Desktop Maestro, which tools for optimal system performance, stability, and user privacy. Its clients include users, small businesses, non-profit and community organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies. The company offers its products through a network of distributors, resellers, and retailers. PC Tools Pty Ltd. was founded in 1998 and is based in North Sydney, Australia with additional offices in San Francisco and Boulder, Colorado; Hammersmith Grove, the United Kingdom; Kiev, Ukraine; Shannon, Ireland; and Melbourne, Australia. As of October 6, 2008, PC Tools Pty Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Symantec Corporation. Source: Crunchbase PC Tools

Security Products and Services:

Registry Mechanic

Spyware Doctor

PC Tools Internet Security

PC Tools AntiVirus

PC Tools Firewall Plus


Desktop Maestro

Privacy Guardian

File Recover

Spam Monitor

Pearl Software


What This Company Does in Security:

Pearl Software develops software for monitoring and filtering employee Internet usage.

Security Products and Services:

Pearl Echo Suite

Website Echo

IM Echo

Echo Filters Hosted Service

Pen Test Partners

What This Company Does in Security:

Pen Test Partners is a UK based security consultancy and penetrating testing firm.

Security Products and Services:

Security consulting

Penetration testing



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Pentana

What This Company Does in Security:

Pentana provides GRC and auditing software.

Security Products and Services:

PAWS Audit & Risk Management Software

Retain Resource Planning Software

Pentana Checker Intelligent Questionnaire Software


Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Pentura

What This Company Does in Security:

Pentura offers security consulting, managed security services, and penetration testing.

Security Products and Services:

Data Risk Assessment

Vulnerability Risk Assessment

PCI Wireless Risk Assessment

Firewall Risk Assessment




External Penetration Testing

Wireless Penetration Testing

Application Penetration Testing

Perimeter eSecurity


Perimeter eSecurity


Security Products and Services:


Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Detection

Web Browsing Anti-Virus

Email Anti-Virus

Messaging Compliance Manager

SPAM Filtering

Email Content Filtering


Vulnerability Assessments

CounterPhish Service

Pharming Defense Application Services

Host Intrusion Prevention

Patch Management

System Virus & Spyware Protection

Policy Compliance

Web Content Filtering

User Access Auditing



Recent Acquisitions (part of McAfee)
Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for PGP
LinkedIn profile for PGP

What This Company Does in Security:

PGP develops data and email encryption software.

Security Products and Services:

PGP Universal Server

PGP Universal Gateway Email

PGP Command Line

PGP PDF Messenger

PGP Whole Disk Encryption

PGP Endpoint Device Control

PGP Endpoint Application Control

PGP Desktop Email

PGP Desktop Home

PGP NetShare

PGP Portable

PGP Mobile

PGP Support Package for BlackBerry

PGP Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition

PGP Desktop Professional

PGP Desktop Storage

PGP Desktop Corporate

Phantom Technologies


What This Company Does in Security:

Phantom Technologies sells the iBoss line of web filters. The company offers a home edition for parental control of Internet usage.

Security Products and Services:




Recent Acquisitions Phion was acquired by Barracuda Networks in September of 2009.
Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for phion

What This Company Does in Security:

phion markets UTM (United Threat Management) appliances. The company was recently acquired by Barracuda Networks.

Security Products and Services:

netfence gateways

netfence sectorwall

netfence sintegra

netfence edge


netfence contegrity

entegra office client

entegra global client

entegra VPN client

phion management centres

management reporter

MR Appliances

M1 Appliances

M3 Appliances

M5 Appliances




What This Company Does in Security:

PhoneFactor provides tokenless two-factor authentication using phones. After you log in with your username and password, you receive a phone call to your pre-registered phone number asking you to confirm the login attempt. You press # to confirm the login, and you're in. If a bad guy steals your username and password and tries to use them to log in, *your* phone will ring, so he won't get in. The product is available in both Enterprise and Web versions. The Enterprise version integrates into a range common enterprise environments, including Citrix, Microsoft Windows, RADIUS infrastructures, IIS-based websites, and more. The Web edition is delivered in the form of an SDK in several programming languages, and can be used to add built-in support for PhoneFactor to your application. Source: Crunchbase PhoneFactor

Security Products and Services:

PhoneFactor Free Edition

PhoneFactor Standard Edition

PhoneFactor Extended Edition



What This Company Does in Security:

PineApp sells email security and web filtering products.

Security Products and Services:



SeCure SoHo



Ping Identity


What This Company Does in Security:

Ping Identity develops Internet identity management and single-sign-on solutions.

Security Products and Services:




Pivot Point Security

What This Company Does in Security:

Pivot Point provides penetration testing and security assessments.

Security Products and Services:

Penetration Testing

Security Assessments

Incident Response



What This Company Does in Security:

PKWare is the develop of the ZIP standard for compressing and encrypting data.

Security Products and Services:



SecureZip PartnerLink

Port80 Software


What This Company Does in Security:

Port80 Software develops software for securing web applications running on Microsoft IIS.

Security Products and Services:











Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for PortWise

What This Company Does in Security:

PortWise provides identity management, VPN, and multi-factor authentication systems.

Security Products and Services:

PortWise Access Manager

PortWise TruID

PortWise Virtual Appliance

PortWise Mobile Office


What This Company Does in Security:

PowerTech develops security solutions for the IBM iSeries servers.

Security Products and Services:

Network Security

Compliance Monitor

Authority Broker



What This Company Does in Security:

Praetorian provides information security consulting services.

Security Products and Services:

Security consulting



What This Company Does in Security:

Presensoft offers email and IM security and compliance solutions.

Security Products and Services:

IM Policy Manager

IM Endpoint Security


Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Prevx

What This Company Does in Security:

Prevx develops PC scanning software and browser security plug-ins.

Security Products and Services:

Prevx 3.0



PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is one of the world's largest accounting firms. PwC was formed when Price Waterhouse merged with Coopers & Lybrand in 1998, bypassing then-leader Andersen. With some 770 offices in more than 150 countries, the accountancy provides clients with services in three business lines: assurance (including financial and regulatory reporting), tax, and advisory. Source: Crunchbase PricewaterhouseCoopers

Security Products and Services:

Advisory Services

Prim'X Technologies


What This Company Does in Security:

Prim'X is French start-up that develops encryption software.

Security Products and Services:






Zed! API

Prism Microsystems


What This Company Does in Security:

Prism Microsystems develops the EventTracker SIEM solution.

Security Products and Services:


EventTracker PULSE



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Privaris

What This Company Does in Security:

Privaris has designed and developed a family of key-fob sized, personal, mobile devices that authenticate an individual's identity before interacting with their existing security systems used for granting access to buildings, offices, and garages (physical security), and computers, networks, and websites (logical security), as well as with the latest "wave and pay" contactless point-of-sale terminals for biometrically authenticated credit card transactions. Source: Crunchbase Privaris

Security Products and Services:

plusID 60

plusID 75

plusID 90

Proactive Risk

What This Company Does in Security:

Proactive Risk is an information security consultancy focused on critical infrastructure.

Security Products and Services:

Information security consulting



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Procera

What This Company Does in Security:

Procera develops deep packet inspection (DPI) appliances. Competitors in the DPI space include Arbor Networks, Sandvine, Bivio, Cloudshield, and Cisco.

Security Products and Services:

Procera PacketLogic

Process Software

Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Process Software

What This Company Does in Security:

Process Software offers anti-spyware, anti-spam, and messaging security solutions.

Security Products and Services:

PMDF - Internet Messaging

PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway

TCPware - TCP/IP for OpenVMS

MultiNet - TCP/IP for OpenVMS

SSH for OpenVMS

VMS Authentication Module

SpyCatcher Enterprise



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for ProCheckUp

What This Company Does in Security:

ProCheckUp is a UK provider of penetration testing and code reviews.

Security Products and Services:

Penetration Testing

Application Code Reviews

Proginet Corporation


What This Company Does in Security:

Proginet offers managed file transfer solutions.

Security Products and Services:

CyberFusion Integration Suite



Harbor products

Password and Identity Management



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Promisec

What This Company Does in Security:

Promisec Limited provides clientless endpoint management software that secures and optimizes PCs and servers in enterprise computer networks. Its products include Promisec INNERspace, which performs a round-the-clock endpoint audit according to a threat database and user-defined security parameters, as well as identifies internal threats. The company’s products also include Promisec Spectator, an on-demand tool for the inspection of endpoints and servers; and Promisec MSP, an automated clientless software solution that audits and monitors endpoint applications, agents, hardware vulnerabilities, and power settings, as well as remediates threats to the internal network. Its solutions detect and eliminate internal threats to enterprise computer networks. Promisec Limited was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Rishon Le Zion, Israel with additional offices in New York and Paris. Source: Crunchbase Promisec

Security Products and Services:

Promisec INNERspace

Promisec Spectator



Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Proofpoint
LinkedIn profile for Proofpoint

What This Company Does in Security:

Proofpoint, Inc. provides email security and data loss prevention solutions for universities, healthcare and financial services companies, retailers, government organizations, and Internet service providers. The company offers Proofpoint Spam Detection, a software for detecting and eliminating spam; Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation and netMLX, an email reputation service; Proofpoint Virus Protection, a gateway anti-virus software solution; and Proofpoint Zero-Hour Anti-Virus that protects enterprises against new viruses and malicious codes during the critical first hours. It also provides Proofpoint Content Compliance, a software for identifying and preventing various inbound and outbound policy violations; Proofpoint Regulatory Compliance, a software to prevent the disclosure of sensitive data from electronic communications; Proofpoint Digital Asset Security, a software to protect confidential and sensitive information from accidental and malicious leaks; and Proofpoint Network Content Sentry that inspects outbound network traffic in real-time-applying policies defined in Proofpoint Regulatory Compliance and Digital Asset Security modules. In addition, the company offers Proofpoint Email Archiving, a software as a service solution for email storage management, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance; Proofpoint Smart Search that helps in tracing messages, analyzing processing of messages, and reporting on the description and status of email messages; Proofpoint Secure File Transfer, a software that adds secure large file transfer capabilities to Proofpoint deployment; and Proofpoint Secure Messaging, an email encryption software. Further, the company assists its clients with consulting, integration, customization, reporting, design, training, and maintenance services. It provides its solutions in the form of software, hardware appliance, virtual appliance, and hosted services. Proofpoint, Inc. was founded in 2002 and is based in Sunnyvale, California. Source: Crunchbase Proofpoint

Security Products and Services:


Proofpoint PROTECT

Proofpoint SHIELD

Proofpoint ARCHIVE

Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway

Proofpoint Protection Server

Proofpoint Spam Detection

Proofpoint Secure File Transfer


What This Company Does in Security:

Proseg is a Mexican information security consulting company.

Security Products and Services:

Security consulting



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Protegrity

What This Company Does in Security:

Protegrity offers enterprise security management solutions and also sells web application firewalls.

Security Products and Services:

Defiance Security Suite

Security Policy, Key Management, Alerting and Reporting (Enterprise Security Administrator)

Encryption and Hashing (Data Protection System)

Web Application Firewall (Threat Management System)



Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Protiviti
LinkedIn profile for Protiviti

What This Company Does in Security:

Protiviti offers GRC software and security audit services.

Security Products and Services:

GRC Software



Recent Acquisitions Purewire was acquired by Barracuda Networks in October 2009.
Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Purewire
LinkedIn profile for Purewire

What This Company Does in Security:

Purewire offers cloud based security services such as anti-malware services.

Security Products and Services:

PW Web Security Service

Purewire Remote

Purewire Mobile

Purewire for BlackBerry

Purewire Trust

Purewire Dynamic Response Classifier

Purewire Threat Analyzer

Purewire Compliance Enforcer

Purewire User Analyzer

Purewire Elastic Proxy Platform

Purewire Webcelerator