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Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for TADAsoft

What This Company Does in Security:

TADASoft is a UK start-up that offers an appliance for backing up network configurations.

Security Products and Services:

Restorepoint RSP

Restorepoint MSP

Tango04 Computing Group


What This Company Does in Security:

Tango04 offers software for monitoring security policy compliance.

Security Products and Services:

VISUAL Security Suite

Tango04 Data Monitor



What This Company Does in Security:

Techguard sells firewalls and other network security devices. The company sells primarily to the US government.

Security Products and Services:

PoliWall Q

PoliWall ESE

Great Walls Of Fire (GWOF) Firewalls

TechGuard Spam Filter-Mail Relay

TechGuard Intrusion Detection System - GWOF 4000IDS

TechGuard Bridging Firewall GWOF 5000

Technology Pathways


What This Company Does in Security:

Technology Pathways develops forensics software and offers corresponding certification and training classes.

Security Products and Services:

ProDiscover for Windows

ProDiscover Forensics

ProDiscover Investigator

ProDiscover Incident Response



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Telesign

What This Company Does in Security:

Telesign offers two-factor phone-based authentication solutions. Competitors include PhoneFactor.

Security Products and Services:

Telephone Verification

Two-Factor Authentication

TeleSign's PhoneID solution

Tenable Network Security


What This Company Does in Security:

Tenable Network Security develops vulnerability management, security scanning, and logging solutions.

Security Products and Services:



Security Center

Log Correlation Engine

Passive Vulnerability Scanner

Tesline-Service SRL


What This Company Does in Security:

Tesline Service SRL develops security and encryption software for USB devices.

Security Products and Services:

Rohos Logon Key

Rohos Logon Key for Mac

Rohos Face Logon

Rohos Disk Encryption

Rohos Mini Drive


Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Thales
LinkedIn profile for Thales

What This Company Does in Security:

The Information Systems and Security Division of Thales offers payment security, identity management, security gateway, and network security products.

Security Products and Services:

payShield 9000

HSM 8000

payShield 9000 and HSM 8000 Services

Security Resource Manager


PaySentry for BACSTEL-IP

Secure CAP/DPA and 3D-secure

SafeSign Authentication Server

SafeSign Management Server

SafeSign Single Sign On

SafeSign Crypto Module

Personal Security Module

SafeSign Services

Encryption Manager for Storage


Defense Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Thales nShield Connect 6000

Thales netHSM

Thales nShield

Thales payShield Option Pack

payShield 9000

HSM 8000


Thales nFast

Thales CipherTools

Thales CodeSafe

Thales payShield Toolkit

Thales TSS Toolkit

Thales CryptoStor Tape




What This Company Does in Security:

Thawte is a Certification Authority that sells digital certificates.

Security Products and Services:

SSL Web Server Certificates with EV

SGC SuperCerts

SSL Web Server Certificates

SSL123 Certificates

Wildcard Certificates

Code Signing Certificates

Personal E-mail Certificates

thawte's Starter-PKI (SPKI) Program

The Dot Net Factory


What This Company Does in Security:

The Dot Net Factory sells a password and profile self-management solution to reduce helpdesk calls.

Security Products and Services:

EmpowerID Password Manager

EmpowerID Profile Manager

EmpowerID Role Enforcers

EmpowerID Connect Modules



What This Company Does in Security:

ThreatMetrix offers a SaaS fraud detection solution based on device fingerprinting.

Security Products and Services:

ThreatMetrix Device Identification

ThreatMetrix Device Intelligence

Threat Index

Fraud Control Portal

Thycotic Software


What This Company Does in Security:


Thycotic Software, Ltd. is a Washington DC based company committed to providing secure password management solutions. From managing privileged accounts to Active Directory self-service resets, our software securely manages all credentials critical to your company's operations.

Secret Server, our password management software, allows teams to control access for all critical passwords in a one central, web-based repository. Beyond just a repository Secret Server can also actively manage passwords such as network and service account passwords.

Password Reset Server is an AD self-service reset tool that eliminates calls to the help desk and is configurable to meet internal information security policies.


Security Products and Services:

Secret Server

Password Reset Server

Tipping Point


What This Company Does in Security:

Tipping Point sells IPS appliances. It is a division of 3Com.

Security Products and Services:

TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System N-Platform

TippingPoint SMS (Enterprise-Level Management System)

TippingPoint ZPHA (Zero Power High Availability)

TippingPoint Core Controller

TippingPoint NAC Policy Server

TippingPoint NAC Policy Enforcer

TippingPoint Security Management System

TippingPoint Digital Vaccine

TippingPoint Web Application Digital Vaccine

TippingPoint ThreatLinQ

TippingPoint IPS / VM Integration

TippingPoint Emergency Response Service

TippingPoint Managed Security Service

Todos Data Systems AB


What This Company Does in Security:

Todos Data Systems produces two factor authentication devices and related management systems. The company caters primarily to the banking sector.

Security Products and Services:

Todos eCode Security Devices

Todos eCode Server

Todos VAS (Versatile Authentication Server)

Top Layer Security


What This Company Does in Security:

Top Layer offers Intrusion Prevention Systems and managed security services.

Security Products and Services:

Top Layer IPS Appliance

Network Security Analyzer (NSA) Software

IPS Controller Software

TopResponse Threat Update Service


IPS Management Solutions

TopResponse Auto Protection Update Service

Intelligence Distribution System Balancer - IDSB

TopS Business Integrator (TopS BI)

Компания TopS Business Integrator (TopS BI) работает с 1991 г. в области информационных технологий и занимает лидирующее положение на российском рынке консалтинга и ИТ-сервисов. Деятельность компании направлена на повышение эффективности бизнеса предприятий средствами информационных технологий. TopS BI входит в Группу компаний "Систематика".



What This Company Does in Security:

TraceSecurity offers compliance management solutions, primarily focused on the policy, training, and vulnerability management aspects of compliance.

Security Products and Services:

Trace Compliance Manager

Trace Risk Manager

Trace IT Audit Manager







Trend Micro


Other Useful Links Wikipedia entry for Trend Micro
LinkedIn profile for Trend Micro

What This Company Does in Security:

Trend Micro develops anti-virus, email security, and web security solutions.

Security Products and Services:

Internet Security Pro 2010

Internet Security 2010

Worry Free Business Security

NeatSuite for SMB


Worry-Free Business Security Hosted

Worry-Free Remote Manager

InterScan Gateway

Security Appliance

InterScan VirusWall

Message Archiver

Mobile Security

NeatSuite Standard

HouseCall Scan



Transaction Guard

HouseCall Server Edition

Mobile Security



LeakProof 3.0

Email Reputation Services

InterScan Messaging Hosted Security

InterScan Messaging Security Appliance

PortalProtect for Sharepoint

ScanMail for Lotus Domino

ScanMail for Exchange

Spam Prevention Solution

InterScan Web Security Appliance

InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance

InterScan Web Security Suite

InterScan WebProtect for ISA

Control Manager

Outbreak Prevention Services

NeatSuite Advanced

Network VirusWall Enforcer



What This Company Does in Security:

TriCipher offers the myOneLogin solution that allows users to log into multiple SaaS applications using a single credential.

Security Products and Services:

TriCipher myOneLogin



What This Company Does in Security:

TriGeo develops SIEM solutions and is primarily active in the mid market segment.

Security Products and Services:

TriGeo Security Information Management (SIM)

TriGeo nDepth

TriGeo nSight




What This Company Does in Security:

Tripwire's powerful configuration assessment and change auditing solutions let IT gain configuration control of the entire IT infrastructure. The virtualization solutions delivered by Tripwire Enterprise and vWire help organizations proactively secure virtual environments built with VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V, so they gain all the benefits virtualization offers. Source: Crunchbase Tripwire

Security Products and Services:

Tripwire Enterprise

Tripwire for Servers



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Triumfant

What This Company Does in Security:

Triumfant offers software that scans endpoint computers, analyzes the data from those scans to detect unexpected changes and conditions, and automatically corrects those changes and conditions that are problematic to the security, configuration, or performance of each machine. Triumfant applies these capabilities to IT Security, Compliance and Configuration Management, and Incident and Problem Management to ensure organizations that their endpoint computers are compliant, properly configured and secure. Source: Crunchbase Triumfant

Security Products and Services:

Triumfant Resolution Manager

Trust Digital


Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Trust Digital

What This Company Does in Security:

Trust Digital offers solutions for managing mobile devices within the enterprise.

Security Products and Services:

Enterprise Mobile Management



What This Company Does in Security:

TrustAlert is a Dutch early stage start-up offering PKI-based identity and access management solutions.

Security Products and Services:



What This Company Does in Security:

TrustDefender develops secure browsing products.

Security Products and Services:

TrustDefender Enterprise Server

TrustDefender Managed Service

Trusted Computer Solutions


Recent Acquisitions Trusted Computer Solutions acquired CounterStorm in September, 2008.
Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Trusted Computer Solutions

What This Company Does in Security:

Trusted Computer Solutions, Inc. develops cross-domain solutions for access and transfer of data and information. It provides SecureOffice suite, which allows users to access and transfer data between multiple security domains; SimShield, a cross-domain solution that allows communication between distributed simulation networks; Workstation, which provides users with secure access to various domains at varying classification levels from a single desktop; and Security Blanket, a tool that automates the lock down or hardening of operating systems based on the security guidelines. The company also offers information systems security, security certification and accreditation support, training, risk assessments, and system security engineering services, such as requirements analysis, security guidance, security engineering, penetration testing, and vulnerability analysis to government agencies and commercial companies. In addition, it provides security consultation and security analysis services, as well as system and network security assessment services in the finance and telecommunications industries. The company was founded in 1994 and is based in Herndon, Virginia with additional offices in Champaign, Illinois; and San Antonio, Texas.
Source: Crunchbase Trusted Computer Solutions

Security Products and Services:

SecureOffice Suite


Security Blanket

Counter Storm



Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Trusteer

What This Company Does in Security:

Trusteer helps online banks, brokerages, and retailers secure the consumer desktop from financial malware attacks and fraudulent websites. Trusteer's customers include ING DIRECT, the nation's largest direct bank and other leading online banks, brokerages, and Internet companies. Source: Crunchbase Trusteer

Security Products and Services:

Trusteer Rapport


Recent Acquisitions Trustwave acquired DLP vendor Vericept in September 2009.
Other Useful Links LinkedIn profile for Trustwave

What This Company Does in Security:

Trustwave offers managed security services, GRC systems, network security solutions, and security consulting.

Security Products and Services:

Trustwave Managed Security Services

Trustwave Discover

Trustwave Managed Encryption


Trustwave IPS

Trustwave Network Access Control

Trustwave Security and Event Log Management

Trustwave UTM

Trustwave Web Content Monitoring

Typhoon Technologies

What This Company Does in Security:

Typhoon Technologies provides information security consulting services.

Security Products and Services: